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Snowflake Wall Hanging

By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create a pretty winter themed decoration for your home to fill the “after Christmas” decorating void.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, break off a chunk of your clay, and use your rolling pin to roll it out until it is about 1/4-inch thick.  Use your snowflake cutter to cut snowflakes–how many you want to use for your wall hanging is up to you, I prefer to use an odd number.

Use a toothpick, pencil, straw, or something else pointy to poke a hole into the top of each of your snowflakes.  Make sure your holes will be large enough to fit your jute through.

Let your snowflakes dry until hard, flipping them over every few hours so they dry evenly and don’t curl.  Mine took over night.

Lay your twig on a flat work surface, and arrange your snowflakes below it in the pattern of your choice.

Push a piece of jute through the hole in your snowflake, and tie the tail onto the jute just above the snowflake, so the knot is on the twine, not right on the hole.  Leave a long enough tail on your jute so the snowflake hangs below your twig at your desired distance, and then add about 3 extra inches so you have plenty to wrap and tie onto your twig.  Repeat with all of your snowflakes.

Tie the end of each piece of jute around the twig, double knotting, or triple knotting to hold securely.  Pull the knot to the bottom of the twig, so the snowflake hangs straight down from the twig, rather than from the side of it.  Trim the extra twine.  Repeat with the remaining snowflakes.

Cut a length of jute, and tie each end onto opposite ends of your twig to form a hanger.  Pull the knots to the top of the twig.

Hang your beautiful wall hanging against a flat surface to best display your snowflakes.

Happy Crafting!

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