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Sunburst Tie Dye T-shirt With Rit Dye

By EcoCraft Contributor Amy from the blog The EcoCrafter

Take your tie-dye skills beyond the basic scrunch with this easy-to-make sunburst pattern. It looks impressive but is super easy to make. So grab a stained t-shirt or get a new one and add some color with this tie-dye sunburst.

The dye application for this design is really easy and allows for sloppy application without ruining the results. It also used Rit dyes which are non-toxic and easy to use making this a fun family project.

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Kids’ Crafts: A Burst of Color

Whether you’re experiencing the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having here in Portland or the strangely chilly weather in the NE these bright tie dye crafts are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Traditional tie dye can be kind of messy so I’d recommend a warm day in the backyard for those projects, but the Sharpie tie dye experiments and the tie dye clay can definitely be indoor activities as well. I hope you enjoy these Tie Dye favorites!

Clay is fun and easy to work with for kids and adults. The bright mix of colors is fun to create and use to decorate clay pots and coasters. These would also make great gifts for teachers and grandparents!

Polymer Clay Pot and CoastersBy Brittany Goldwyn

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