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Soap Making

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Every once in a while, my mom and I get together and make soap using the cold process method. It’s very precise and would definitely be frustrating if I attempted it by myself, but I love making the soap as a team. If you’re not up to the complication and the chemicals, there is so much you can do with melt-and-pour soaps! Here are some great ideas.

Geo Soaps

Geo Soaps

Make some colorful soap that looks like a geode! It’s a super easy method that doesn’t require any special molds, just some plastic cups!

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Geo Soaps

By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

These homemade soaps will be too pretty to use, and they're fun to make!

I have sort of an out-of-control obsession with hosting guests at our apartment. When looking for my new couch, everything we came across that didn’t turn into a bed was pretty much unacceptable. A large variety of adorable mugs (displayed for all to see) to offer coffee to guests in is a must. I freak out if there are dishes in the sink, all the candles should be lit, all linens washed, all floors vacuumed…basically, my apartment needs to look like an HGTV advertisement or I’m not doing life correctly and no one will ever speak to me again.

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Winter Scene Soaps

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Winter Scene Soap

Winter Scene Soaps - DIY Gift Idea

I had the opportunity to try out the Moisturizing Clear Glycerin Soap. It is a simple melt and pour soap that you can make into 1001 different creations. I used a simple soap mold to create the basic square and rectangle shapes. I used a basic kitchen knife to cut the soap chucks. This soap can be poured into a host of different molds such as ice trays, jell-o molds, silicone baking cups, muffin tins, really the possibilities are endless. The clear glycerin can be colored using chunks of colored soap, soap coloring or food coloring. I chose to keep it clear for my project. As for scenting the soap, there are many different essential oils and soap fragrances available at Create for Less  to add to the melted to soap to make a one of a kind gift. This moisturizing soap comes unscented and I kept it that way as to not have any allergy issues with the gift recipient.

Winter Scene Soaps Materials

To create a vintage winter scene gather


Start by bending the pipe cleaner to the shape of the mold and trim off any excess.  Next, place the melt and pour soap chunks into a microwave heat safe container and heat it in the microwave for approximately 40 seconds, if the soap is not completely melted continue to heat it in 10 second intervals.  Try not to overheat the soap, it makes the soap frothy and creates air bubbles that will show on your finished product.  I used 4 chunks each for the rectangle and square molds.


Winter Scene Soaps

Once the soap is melted pour it into the mold, filling it half way. Lightly sprinkle the glitter on the soap at this time.  Let the soap cool in the mold for about 2 minutes. The soap in the mold should have a congealed film on top. Place the items for the winter scene on the soap. Be gentle, if you break the film no biggie the heavier objects will sink to the front of the bar, while the lighter objects will stay in the middle. I poured in the half and half fashion because this makes sure that the items placed in the bar are completely covered in soap.

Winter Scene Soaps for Holiday Visitors

Once all the items are placed in the mold, pour the rest of the melted soap in the mold. Let the bars cool about 40 minutes and the then bars will pop right out of the molds.

This is a simple project for children to make, but I suggest that they are supervised based on the heat of the melted soap.

Winter Scene Soaps

DIY Winter Soap Scenes for the Holidays

As you can see by my examples, I stated I did not add colorants to my soap, but the color from the sparkle pipe cleaners bled into the center due to the heat of the soap. This created a great effect and added to the scene.

DIY Gift Idea - Winter Soap Scenes

As the soap is used, the objects will come out and they can be used in another winter project, like finding a treasure.

To package the soap, use a simple plastic sandwich bag with holiday ribbon to tie it shut.