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Jorja Collection: Placemat Crochet Pattern

By Crochet Contributor Sara. Follow Sara on her blog, Sunflower Crochet Cottage.

I’ve been wanting to make myself some new placemats for what seems like forever. We had the covered corkboard ones that you can get in any homewares shop, and they bare the scars of a well-used life. There is paint that will not come off, patches where the top has rubbed away when I have cleaned them, some are sunlight faded because our kitchen table is next to our French doors. You know the drill – old and tired but perfect for the kids doing arts and crafts or slopping food all over them while being daft at dinner. My daughter is almost 8 and so I am getting to the point where I would like my home to look less like a creche and have nice things again.

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