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Upcycling Bottles

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I’m always seeing jokes on Pinterest about needing to drink more wine because there are so many good crafts out there using wine bottles and corks. It’s true, there is no shortage of beautiful crafts out there using recycled bottles. So, hang on to those wine bottles from your holiday parties and make one of these beautiful bottle crafts!

Recycled Bottle Hummingbird Feeder

How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder

I’ve got a hummingbird feeder right next to my window, and I love sitting next to it in the morning with my coffee. My friend visits throughout the day, especially in the winter. Help out your local birds and recycle with this fun tutorial!

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Mosaics: Techinques and Inspiration

I’ve been curious about making my own mosaics for a long time now. I’ve even been collecting broken china, seashells and sea glass for possible projects. Here are some of the most helpful instructions and tutorials I’ve found for making mosaics. I hope you find them inspiring!

This tutorial for making your own mosaic is a great place to begin your research and preparation.

Basic Mosaic DesignArts & Crafts Center

Mosaic mirrors are my favorite. I’ve spent hours searching Etsy and craft fairs for the perfect mosaic mirror but I haven’t settled on one yet, mostly because I know I’d prefer to make my own with found objects like broken  china and seashells in colors I have chosen to match the colors in my home. This tutorial will help bring you closer to designing and creating your own mosaic mirror.

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