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February Flowers

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Wow, it has been a rough winter here in Portland, but I think the worst is behind us! However, I’m way too impatient to wait for May Flowers, so here are some flowers you can make yourself this February.

Crochet Flower Coasters

Crochet Flower Coasters

Crochet yourself some colorful flower coasters to protect your surfaces while you’re stuck in the house from all of those winter hot drinks. Choose the brightest colors you can find to help brighten your winter mood, too!

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DIY Planters

By Craft Trends Contributor, Lacey. Check out our Craft Trends board on Pinterest!

As I have discovered over the past few years, at times, it’s hard to make dorm rooms and apartments feel like home. The smaller space, combined with knowledge that this is not a permanent residence constantly brewing in the back of my mind, sometimes keep me from decorating to my hearts content. One thing I have missed whilst moving from dorm to dorm is plants. I grew up in a home where indoor plants were abundant and there is something soothing to me as a Pacific North-Westerner of being constantly surrounded by green. This craft trend of DIY Planters (especially the ones of the smaller variety) may be the perfect thing to ensure that the apartment I’m moving into in the fall can be another home away from the ones of my childhood.

House Number Planter - Think Crafts

House Number Planter Think Crafts

This House Number Planter is the perfect way to customize the outside of an apartment or home and also provide a welcoming look. I love the idea that this is both a great decoration and a practical way to make it easier to recognize your apartment or living space from the others in the area.

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