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Featured Crafter: Lisa’s Quilted Dog Coats

Everyone knows that dogs aren’t really just a pet, but they are really part of the family, and Lisa Taylor knows just how to spoil them. Lisa’s quilted dog coats are sure to keep your dog (or jersey cow) warm and snuggly all Winter long. Interested in one for your dog, visit Lisa’s Facebook group here for more information.


I am a tailoress by trade and by name, I have been sewing since I was 15 years old, I am now 57, I enjoy meeting new people and serving them with my line of Winter dog coats. These custom made doggy coats are fleece lined, water/wind proof and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  They have gone all over Australia and customers come back each year for new colors.


I have been in business now for just over 7 years and made just over 330 dog coats in 2017.

The coat HOLLY is wearing is a new line of mine, it is called, a thunder/storm coat for summer designed to keep the dog calm during a thunder storm.

My other items include lounge toppers, dog beds, doggy bandanas, Santa Paws Christmas bags, and more…and all come personalized with lettering on them.

Featured Crafter: Vicki’s Memory Bears

Featured Crafter: Vicki's Memory Bears

Vicki Andrews knows how precious old clothes and fabrics can be. She transforms old items with treasured memories into pieces that can match the beauty within these memories. If you’ve got an old piece that no longer holds a purpose, but you can’t bear to give up, head to Vicki’s Memory Bears and let Vicki give your item a new life.

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Gift Card Holder

By Guest Blogger Tina from the blog Crafted Living

As the Writer, Photographer, and Creator of Crafted Living, Tina gives step by step tutorials for creative cardmaking, recipes, and inspiration for living crafty.

Gift card holder

To be honest, sometimes a gift card is the best gift you can give.  Why not put your creative spin on it and make the gift card holder to house the gift card.  You need the following tools and supplies to create this project:

Cut a piece of cardstock to 3.5″ x 8.5″ (you can make three gift card holders from one sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock).  Score cardstock on one end at 2″ and the other end at 2.5″.  Use corner rounder to round the corners on the 2″ end.  Cut three pieces of patterned paper at: 3.25″ x 1.75″, 3.25″ x 2.25″ and 3.25″ x 3.75″.  Use the corner rounder to round the corners of one end of the smallest piece of paper.  Run adhesive along the side edges of the 2.25″ end of the cardstock to make the pocket.  Adhere the patterned paper to the outside of the gift card holder.  Attach the Velcro dot to the flap for closure.  Punch out the decorative emblem and attach to the pocket.

I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest and made it my own.  Now, you have the option to present your gift card with flair.  Happy paper crafting!

Featured Crafter: Rachel from Slow Down Productions

Slow Down Productions is Rachel’s Etsy shop, full of intricate macrame plant hangers and wall hangings to decorate your home. The bright colors and gorgeous knotted designs are the perfect way to add some texture and color to a boring wall. She has been featured in blogs and websites such as Apartment Therapy and Moon to Moon UK.

Featured Crafter: Rachel from Slow Down Productions

Get this piece here from Slow Down Productions

Rachel is a huge fan of Sugar n’ Cream Yarn and dyes and knots it to make her stunning pieces.

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Featured Crafter: Julie Larson

Julie uses her paper crafting skills to create lovely mini albums that can hold plenty of photos in beautiful layouts

Featured Crafter Mini Album

Julie Larson Mini Album

I am a full-time wife, mother, paralegal and paper crafter. Any spare moment I have I spend in my craft area making scrapbooks, cards and mini albums. If you have invited me to a wedding, baby shower, graduation party or other event you will probably be receiving some kind of album and home made card. I also make and donate items for local fundraisers and dinners. When not up to my elbows in paper and adhesive I am searching the internet for inspiration and finding new and unique ideas for my paper crafting.

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Featured Crafter: Julie Saling


Julie does wonderful, intricate work with clay in beads and on wine glasses. Check out her one-of-a-kind look and learn more about how she started this creative craft! 

Julie Saling

Hi! I’m Julie Saling, retired (meaning old) and living the good life in AZ. I have not come from a crafty family although my daughter has done some wonderful scrapbooking. So, I took a beading class here in my community that offers soooo many things. Then I started beading with a couple of gals. Well one of thoes “gals” comes from a VERY crafty family. She spends a week, every year, with her mother at a craft get-together and she teaches and takes classes. And you guessed it….. she took a clay class! As soon as she got back she taught us how to make beads and I’ve never looked back, except to look in horror at the check book to see where ALL the money went. Create For Less has most of it and I have been very happy with their products. I know I don’t have enough life to do all I want to do with clay. The canes I make often end up as jewelry as well as on wine glasses. So far I have only sold at the craft show and tennis tournament and of course friends, I would love to give everything away (which I did with lots of jewelry) to my sweetie’s horror. So, when I started a new hobby he said it had to support itself. 🙂
I would welcome comments or contact.

Thank you! Julie

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