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Chalkboard Magnets

Chalkboard Speech Bubble Magnets

In college, my first apartment’s refrigerator was adorned with a whiteboard in the shape of a speech bubble. I would rip pictures of various teen stars out of magazines and my roommates and I would use the speech bubble to comment on the ridiculousness of the photo or write silly notes to each other.

Speech Bubble Magnet

Since it’s Throwback Thursday and I’m getting all nostalgic, I thought I would share a similar DIY version of this idea that’s a little more chic, but just as much fun.

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Design with Stencils

This Spring I’m feeling more enthusiastic than usual about sprucing up my surroundings. My husband and I bought our first home this year and there are still many bare walls in need of arts and crafts. What better way to spruce things up than with pretty stencils and paint! Stencils and paints are on sale and I’m busy drafting up projects for wall art, patio art and some newly decorated accessories to make with my pretty new supplies.

I’m enamored with the Folkart Bird stencils. I can’t wait to use them on my husband’s herb planters. The chalkboard paint also gives the planters such a clean bright quality.

Chalkboard Planters with Folkart Stencils and PaintTried and True

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Chalkboard Wine Bottles for a Unique Centerpiece

By General Crafts Contributor Ashley from the Blog Ash and Crafts.

DIY Chalkboard Centerpieces

Hello everyone! I’ve been seeing a lot of up-cycling projects using glass bottles and I’ve been on a bit of a chalk paint kick lately, so I decided to combine the two into a chalkboard table centerpiece that can also be used for numbering tables! I wanted some parts of the written labels on the bottles to be more noticeable, so I used a glue gun for an embossed effect. This is a great and simple way to up cycle your leftover glass bottles by turning into a fun and reusable table centerpiece!

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DIY Perpetual Desk Calendar

DIY Perpetual Desk Calendar with chalkboard

I’m horrible about keeping track of the date. I wanted a cute and functional way to keep track of the day of the week and the day as I’m working. I love this little desk calendar because the stand functions really nicely as a place to quickly jot down a phone number or reminder with some chalk, and the colors of the cube make me happy. I ended up using some air dry clay for the cubes because it’s what I had around at the time and I really like the imperfections it creates. If you prefer a more uniform look, grab some wood blocks in a size that fits your stand.


How to Make it:

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Chalkboard Pennant Banner

Interchangeable Chalkboard Pennant Banner for All Occasions

DIY Chalkboard Pennant Banner

I love hanging the perfect banner for every occasion, but I don’t love going out and buying cheap banners every time. That’s why I love chalkboard paint. It’s so easy to create a unique banner that can say exactly what you feel, and it can go with any occasion you like. Just switch out the twine if you want to go fancy. Use baker’s twine for the holidays, maybe a sparkly ribbon for a fancy event or big celebration, and you’re all set. You can say exactly what you would like, and just erase for the next occasion.

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