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Featured Crafter: Rachel from Slow Down Productions

Slow Down Productions is Rachel’s Etsy shop, full of intricate macrame plant hangers and wall hangings to decorate your home. The bright colors and gorgeous knotted designs are the perfect way to add some texture and color to a boring wall. She has been featured in blogs and websites such as Apartment Therapy and Moon to Moon UK.

Featured Crafter: Rachel from Slow Down Productions

Get this piece here from Slow Down Productions

Rachel is a huge fan of Sugar n’ Cream Yarn and dyes and knots it to make her stunning pieces.

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Featured Crafter: Linda Sienkiewicz


Featured Crafter: Linda Sienkiewicz

My name is Linda Sienkiewicz, and my business is Rókki Handbags. I craft purses out of everything from the seat of a pair of jeans to record album covers. Several years ago, a fellow writer asked me to make a purse from her newly published historical romance. Thus began my new passion: making book purses! I take book covers and give them new life by crafting them into purses, clutches, wallets and cell phone cases. I especially enjoy recycling the really old books, the ones that are falling apart, into purses. Some of these vintage book covers have beautiful cover designs with embossing, illustrations and colors.

Featured Crafter: Linda Sienkiewicz

Please don’t think I’m simply ripping books apart for the fun of it. Turn-of-the-century books were not made to last. They were printed on cheap paper with pressed board covers that is so acidic it actually eats away at the cover fabric. I often do extensive repair work on some covers. I see repurposing such books as a way of honoring and preserving them. The end product is a one of a kind purse that can be used and enjoyed for years, as a day clutch or an evening bag. The best part is that the texts of vintage books have been digitalized and can be read online for free.

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4 Steps to Selling Handcrafted Items Online

By Guest Blogger Bethan Davies from The Craft Star

The Internet has opened up a world of new possibilities for crafters to market their goods. In order to get top dollar for your handmade crafts, there are several steps you should take to find the perfect selling venue and prepare your items for sale.

Baby Its Cold Outside Wine Glass

Baby It’s Cold Outside Wine Glasses – Get Your Own at The Craft Star

Selecting the Right Marketplace
Several alternatives exist when it comes to online selling. The most popular selling venues are auction websites, internet storefront sites and personally-created websites. Online auction sites like eBay put your items in front of millions of potential buyers, but the site is already crowded with thousands of handmade items, making it hard for the items of an individual seller to stand out. Many sellers find that sites such as etsy, which allow a crafter to set up a customized storefront, work well for their particular items. The third option, creating an individual website, requires additional effort on the part of the seller but permits a personalized approach to selling.

Copper Butterfly Bracelet

Copper Butterfly Bracelet – Get Yours at The Craft Star

Prices and Profitability
The next step to selling online is making sure that the goods you offer will be profitable. The total cost of materials, transportation and time spent crafting the items must be considered as well as any fees associated with the particular selling venue. A comparison of similar items offered by other sellers online is a great way to tell if the prices you must charge in order to make a profit are competitive. It is also helpful to watch these similar items to see if they actually sell within a reasonable time.

Triple Butter Mini Donut Soap

Mini Donut Soap – Find it at The Craft Star

Proper Prepping
Preparing accurate, detailed descriptions of items is critical to helping them sell. For example, listings should never be simply worded as “red sweater, size medium,” but should instead include selling points that are unique to your item along with the actual measurements of the item in both English and metric units. High-quality pictures accompanying each description also help catch the eye of potential buyers and can sometimes be all the sales pitch you need.

Hip to be Square Glass Bowl

It’s Hip to be Square Glass Bowl – Buy it at The Craft Star

Inventory Management
Knowing exactly how many items you need to make to meet demand can be tricky. If an item turns out to be extremely popular, demand can quickly outstrip your ability to supply the item. On the other hand, some items turn out to be unpopular, and you don’t want to be left with a large quantity of unsold inventory. As with price comparisons, demand for your items can be gauged by looking at similar items currently selling online. If you are marketing an item that has additional features or that is completely unique, however, you may be on your own when determining the demand. In that case it is best to adopt a watch and wait attitude by producing items only as quickly as they are sold. A seller must also consider whether to accept pre-orders or only sell inventory as it is produced. Some sales may be missed by adopting this policy, but doing so can keep an individual crafter from getting swamped with backorders or left with unsold inventory.

About the Author:

is the owner of The CraftStar an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of handmade crafts to come together. Start shopping online today for handmade gifts and vintage items.

Love Your State

By Craft Trends Contributor, Gillian from the blog Dried Figs and Wooden Spools. Check out our Craft Trends Board on Pinterest!

I am married to a Texan. And when you are married to a Texan it’s hard not to hear about Texas because Texans? They LOVE Texas. REALLY love it. But I get it, after all, I’m an Oregon girl and always will be. I’m proud of my state and I love the idea of showing off my state in fun ways around the house. Here’s a whole slew of State Love projects for you to show your pride.

Iowa Iron On Needlework Pattern - SassySpurz Etsy Shop

Iowa Iron On Needlework PatternSassySpurz Etsy Shop

Embroidery is back and better than ever and this state embroidered pillow is so freaking cute! It reminds me of the tea towels my Grandmother used to collect, except with a modern twist. I can see a whole collection of them spread out across a couch, maybe all the states you’ve called home over the years?

State Puzzle Magnets - Everything Etsy

Vintage Puzzle MagnetsEverything Etsy

I love the idea of using vintage puzzle pieces to create fun state magnets. In fact, I love it so much I’m on the hunt for some fitting puzzles. The colors and the chunky size and weight would make great magnets for displaying kids art and the vintage look adds just a little but of funky cool to your kitchen.

Longitude and Latitude Map Pillow - coverLove Etsy Shop

Custom Longitude and Latitude Map PillowcoverLove Etsy Shop

I’m loving this pillow so much! What a great idea! So easy to customize, this would make a fantastic gift for newlyweds or new neighbors on your street!

Custom State Stamp - IndustrialMustache Etsy Shop

Custom State StampIndustrialMustache Etsy Shop

Well of COURSE you need to own a stamp with your state on it! Why wouldn’t you? Hand carve your state and add a heart for the city you were born in or live in now to show your state pride.

Have you used your home state, or your new state in a craft project lately? We’d love to see what you’ve been up to! And be sure to check out these and other State Love projects on our Craft Trends Pinboard.

Featured Crafter: Taryn’s Treasures


Taryn's Treasures

Hi Everyone!
I’m Carla from Taryn’s Treasures! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a ,homeschooling, WAHM to a two yr old trouble maker and a 5.5 yr old princess as well as my 70 lb fur baby, monster. I married my high school sweetheart 11 years ago love him to bits!

Chocolate Lavendar Bath Bomb

Chocolate Lavender Bath Bomb

I grew up in a household where “I can make that” was frequently said. We frequently went to and sometimes participated in craft shows when I was younger. Mom was into ceramics, grandma is a master seamstress and tries her hand at pretty much anything!! So it came as no surprise to anyone in my family when a few years ago I made the move to more natural products and decided “Why am I buying this? Ya know what? I think I can do this!” and I did!

All Natural Vegan Soap

Blissfully Clean All Natural Vegan Soap

To my excitement, my first batch of soap turned out beautifully and I still make and sell it as a favorite for everyone with sensitive skin.
My only problem was I wanted to make MORE and I can only wash so many times a day! So I gave some away to friends and neighbors to try and use up for me. Imagine my surprise when the next day my next door neighbor knocked on my door and asked if she could pay me for some more! From that point on my passion and part time hobby became my business. I have expanded my horizons by taking classes on new techniques and adding things such as sugar scrubs, Bath bombs, lotions, and shampoo bars!

Margarita Soap

Margarita Soap

I LOVE that my passion for natural products has developed into something that I can make and share with other people and I love to get emails from people with custom request! People can find me at www.tarynsbathtreasures.com or on Facebook.

Save $1.50 off your $10 purchase with the code “thinkcrafts”!

Featured Crafter: Hannah Dewey


Featured Crafter: Fasenation Studio. Find out more at ThinkCrafts.com

My name is Hannah, & I recently opened my online shop www.fastenationstudio.com. I make & sell polymer clay buttons. I’m also working on a shawl pin & hair bow line.

Featured Crafter: Fasenation Studio. Find out more at ThinkCrafts.com
I am also on Ravelry as knitsnnotes & have my own group Fastenation Studio, come check it out to see the newest designs, finished fastened projects, & where I post sales & contests. I enjoy a variety of things including reading, knitting, cooking/baking, anything outdoors, music, working with clay, drawing, farm work, and Baseball. I am a daughter of The King and am seeking to bring Him honor and glory in all that I do. ~ Proverbs 31 ~

Featured Crafter: Fasenation Studio. Find out more at ThinkCrafts.com
I have always enjoyed different artistic pursuits and have put these together to make beautiful buttons that are unique and made to suit your tastes and needs.

Featured Crafter: Fasenation Studio. Find out more at ThinkCrafts.com

All buttons are customizable in size, color, and design. Tell me what you want and I will work with you to create the perfect buttons for your projects! Check out the shop for my ready to ship buttons!

Featured Crafter: Fasenation Studio. Find out more at ThinkCrafts.com
Also, you can follow me on Pinterest and you can subscribe to my blog

Featured Crafter: Emily White


Featured Crafter - Emily White

My faux fur animal hides idea had been in my head for probably a year before I made the first one.  I had really been in to hides for a while – mostly cow hides, and the idea naturally progressed to taxidermy skins.  I had seen a couple of these skins before online – some were oriental rugs that were wrapped around the foam rugshell taxidermy head with a taxidermy mouth set – they basically looked exactly like real taxidermy rugs but made with an oriental rug.  Not only did I know that was expensive (the mouth inserts alone run for about $200), but I thought it was too easy. All of those parts were already made for you and all you had to do was spray adhesive the rug or fabric to the pre-made head form and voila!  I also didn’t think it could be very comfortable.  I started to make my own patterns, which could be stuffed, and be more like a stuffed animal or a pillow than a rigid foam head.  I also wasn’t totally in love with the idea that this hand-made object I put many hours into was going to be walked on and probably vacuumed.  I started to think about how they would be great as blankets.. with built in pillows!

Featured Crafter - Emily White

I got my BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Sculpture, but I majored in Illustration for a year before I made the big switch.  My background is in fine art – drawing, painting, and sculpture -and my subject matter has always almost strictly been animals. When I graduated, I had a degree in Art and a great summer job for two summers, but once that ended I didn’t want to go back to working at a cafe.  I had learned about Etsy around then, and I started off making tobacco pouches.  Quite a few of those actually sold, which blew my mind because I began thinking it wouldn’t be impossible to sell things I make for a living.  I tried to think of an idea that hadn’t really been done yet (at least from what I can tell) that I really loved.  I’m crazy about my idea of faux fur animal skins and I love making them, which I think is really important for their success.  I started out only making a couple and when the first one sold I was so excited that other people may like them as much as I do.  And then the second one sold only a week after the first!  I knew then that I needed to start producing more, pronto.

Featured Crafter - Emily White

Visit Emily’s Etsy Shop, GGGreatWhite to see even more faux fur taxidermy and illustrations

Take a look at Emily’s Fine Art work too on her website.

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