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Hot Chocolate Face Mask

By Guest Blogger Monica from MonicaRichards.tv.

Monica Richards is an Eco-Baby Expert who is on a mission to keep your Little Ones safe in the only environment you can control – your home! With Eco-friendly products and beautiful nursery design for Baby, as well as natural beauty and green lifestyle hacks for You, Monica’s flipping your home into a chic, healthy one. Because Healthy equals Happy, and Happy starts at Home.

Chocolate and Beauty Lovers unite!

During Winter, there’s nothing like warming yourself up with a big, cozy mug of rich hot chocolate. But what I just discovered, is that hot chocolate isn’t just for rosy cheeks when you’re cold. With some added flour, it’s also for rosy cheeks in need of soothing and plumping!

Press Play and get this easy, super fun recipe for your newest skin obsession – the Hot Chocolate Face Mask.

This mask also makes for the cutest homemade gifts – just skip the milk, mold into cubes, and individually wrap! Then when ready to use, mix each cube with 3 tablespoons of milk.

Here’s to spreading the joy of great skin! Be sure to use organic ingredients, of course. X

Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Here are some DIY gift ideas to pamper the moms in your life!

Painting mason jars and filling with fresh flowers make lovely gifts for Mother’s Day, or any spring occasion really.

 DIY Spring Mason JarsI Heart Naptime

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Winter Scene Soaps

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Winter Scene Soap

Winter Scene Soaps - DIY Gift Idea

I had the opportunity to try out the Moisturizing Clear Glycerin Soap. It is a simple melt and pour soap that you can make into 1001 different creations. I used a simple soap mold to create the basic square and rectangle shapes. I used a basic kitchen knife to cut the soap chucks. This soap can be poured into a host of different molds such as ice trays, jell-o molds, silicone baking cups, muffin tins, really the possibilities are endless. The clear glycerin can be colored using chunks of colored soap, soap coloring or food coloring. I chose to keep it clear for my project. As for scenting the soap, there are many different essential oils and soap fragrances available at Create for Less  to add to the melted to soap to make a one of a kind gift. This moisturizing soap comes unscented and I kept it that way as to not have any allergy issues with the gift recipient.

Winter Scene Soaps Materials

To create a vintage winter scene gather


Start by bending the pipe cleaner to the shape of the mold and trim off any excess.  Next, place the melt and pour soap chunks into a microwave heat safe container and heat it in the microwave for approximately 40 seconds, if the soap is not completely melted continue to heat it in 10 second intervals.  Try not to overheat the soap, it makes the soap frothy and creates air bubbles that will show on your finished product.  I used 4 chunks each for the rectangle and square molds.


Winter Scene Soaps

Once the soap is melted pour it into the mold, filling it half way. Lightly sprinkle the glitter on the soap at this time.  Let the soap cool in the mold for about 2 minutes. The soap in the mold should have a congealed film on top. Place the items for the winter scene on the soap. Be gentle, if you break the film no biggie the heavier objects will sink to the front of the bar, while the lighter objects will stay in the middle. I poured in the half and half fashion because this makes sure that the items placed in the bar are completely covered in soap.

Winter Scene Soaps for Holiday Visitors

Once all the items are placed in the mold, pour the rest of the melted soap in the mold. Let the bars cool about 40 minutes and the then bars will pop right out of the molds.

This is a simple project for children to make, but I suggest that they are supervised based on the heat of the melted soap.

Winter Scene Soaps

DIY Winter Soap Scenes for the Holidays

As you can see by my examples, I stated I did not add colorants to my soap, but the color from the sparkle pipe cleaners bled into the center due to the heat of the soap. This created a great effect and added to the scene.

DIY Gift Idea - Winter Soap Scenes

As the soap is used, the objects will come out and they can be used in another winter project, like finding a treasure.

To package the soap, use a simple plastic sandwich bag with holiday ribbon to tie it shut.

Featured Crafter: Taryn’s Treasures


Taryn's Treasures

Hi Everyone!
I’m Carla from Taryn’s Treasures! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a ,homeschooling, WAHM to a two yr old trouble maker and a 5.5 yr old princess as well as my 70 lb fur baby, monster. I married my high school sweetheart 11 years ago love him to bits!

Chocolate Lavendar Bath Bomb

Chocolate Lavender Bath Bomb

I grew up in a household where “I can make that” was frequently said. We frequently went to and sometimes participated in craft shows when I was younger. Mom was into ceramics, grandma is a master seamstress and tries her hand at pretty much anything!! So it came as no surprise to anyone in my family when a few years ago I made the move to more natural products and decided “Why am I buying this? Ya know what? I think I can do this!” and I did!

All Natural Vegan Soap

Blissfully Clean All Natural Vegan Soap

To my excitement, my first batch of soap turned out beautifully and I still make and sell it as a favorite for everyone with sensitive skin.
My only problem was I wanted to make MORE and I can only wash so many times a day! So I gave some away to friends and neighbors to try and use up for me. Imagine my surprise when the next day my next door neighbor knocked on my door and asked if she could pay me for some more! From that point on my passion and part time hobby became my business. I have expanded my horizons by taking classes on new techniques and adding things such as sugar scrubs, Bath bombs, lotions, and shampoo bars!

Margarita Soap

Margarita Soap

I LOVE that my passion for natural products has developed into something that I can make and share with other people and I love to get emails from people with custom request! People can find me at www.tarynsbathtreasures.com or on Facebook.

Save $1.50 off your $10 purchase with the code “thinkcrafts”!

Bath Bombs

By Kid’s Craft Contributor Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

Fun Bath Bombs that color your water for kids! Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

With summer here, my biggest problem is keeping my girls clean.  They pretty much play outside all day and are usually covered in dirt and who knows what else by the end of the day.  However, giving them a bath every night is not always what they want to do, so I have to get creative sometimes and come up with fun stuff to do.

That is basically how this idea came along.  I thought they might want to take a bath more if we made some bath bombs for the bath.  And you know, I was right!  The night these were ready, the girls were playing outside again and I told them it was bath time and they pretty much ran in the other direction… SIGH.  Then I said, “we could use one of the bath bombs you made” and they came a running!

It is funny how something so simple turns into something so fun and makes mommy’s life so much easier!  I had the girls use their purple cat bath bomb since it was lavender and would hopefully get them to bed easier, I think it helped with that too!

So not only did we have fun making these, the girls loved making different shapes.  But it got them in the tub without a fight and to bed with less hassle than normal.  A winning project in my book!

Supplies (Per Bath Bomb)

2 TBS Baking Soda

1 TBS Cream of Tartar

Food Color

½ tsp Essential Oil (lavender, orange, Lemon, etc.)

Spray Bottle of Water

Soap Mold



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Neon Crochet Jar Cozies

By General Crafts Contributor Monica from the blog Mon Makes Things.

Free Crochet Pattern for a jar cozy using nylon rope. ThinkCrafts.com

Use neon cord to crochet these fun jar cozies. Pattern at ThinkCrafts.com

This craft combines a few different trends: neon, cording, and jar cozies! With summer upon us here in Michigan, I have been more reluctant to get out my crochet hook and work with wool and yarn (it’s always been such a winter craft for me). And as I’ve seen a number of crafts around the blogosphere utilizing neon cord from the hardware store, I thought I’d try crocheting with that! I had some extra mason jars lying around and decided to whip up some pretty jar cozies!

This is not so much a crochet pattern, however, as it is a tutorial. You will need: quilted mason jars in three sizes (small, medium, and large), twisted mason line/nylon cord, size I (5.50 mm) crochet hook, lighter

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DIY Silhouette Mirror

By Home Decor Contributor Typhanie, from the blog Shoebox Decor.

Silhouette Mirror at ThinkCrafts.com


I’ve wanted to try this project for some time now. I love the thought of this mirror in a little girl’s room or some chic boutique hotel. I hope you guys love it and give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions…Happy Decorating Everyone!


Materials Needed:

Read the Tutorial After the Jump…

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