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Recycled Shrinky Dink Heart Charm – Anatomically Correct

By EcoCraft Contributor Amy from the blog The EcoCrafter

Heart shaped keychain

Recycled shrinky dinks are one of the best and easiest recycled crafts out there. They are made from #6 plastic and permanent markers, both items that can be found in most households.

With this shrinky dink project, you will learn how to make an anatomically correct heart charm. Although it may seem somewhat morbid to some, to me the image of a real heart conveys science and love at the same time. Teach kids about reducing waste and anatomy at the same time.

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Recycled Teeny Tiny Books

By EcoCraft Contributor Amy from the blog The EcoCrafter

Bookbinding is a fun and functional art form that has so many variations to explore. Making a small simple book is a great way to dip your feet into the world of bookbinding in a super-easy way that even kids can enjoy.

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Game Magnets

 By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Game fridge magnets are a great craft to make. They can be personalized to your own kitchen and also make a great gift. Continue reading

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