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Miniature House Plant

By General Craft Contributor Michelle

I made a miniature house plant to decorate a tiny book store I was making, you can make your own mini potted plant using my tutorial, and decorate your miniature scene, dollhouse, or just for the fun of it!  Make a whole collection of different mini house plants!

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Upcycled Curtains

By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Need some curtains for a window? Instead of buying premade ones you can make some yourself. Curtains make an excellent beginner sewing project. Even better, you can upcycle a pair of sheets for a unique look. This tutorial will show you how.

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Poured Paint Coasters

By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Paint pouring is a fun, and satisfying process with pretty results–and it’s made that much easier when the flowing medium is already mixed with the paint, so you can just get to pouring straight out of the bottle!

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