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Upcycle your Shirts & Make a Scarf!

By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good.

*This project will work best with a serger, but you can use a zig-zag stitch on a regular machine. The seam intentionally is showing on this scarf so make sure to follow the instructions, making sure your seams are on the RIGHT SIDE!

I had a friend buy me a scarf like this for my birthday and I loved it so much! I had to make one myself. Part of the fun of this project is finding a new way to wear your old stuff. I had a t-shirt that was too big, one that was too small, some extra fabric from making a skirt, and a couple of Goodwill finds that I used to make this gem. You can use any stretchy fabric, which means you could even throw an old polo shirt into the mix to add some texture.

I used 5 different fabrics, but you could use as little as 3; it depends on how big your shirts are, how many patterns you want to play with, and how big you are making your scarf.

Here’s what you do:

1. Cut 28 rectangles measuring 7 ½”H x 6″W (this makes a reasonably long scarf)

2. Divide your rectangles into 2 equal piles of 14 each. One will be for the front of your scarf; one for the back. Choose what order you want to place your fabrics for each side & pin in a line WRONG SIDES TOGETHER.

3. One side at a time, serge or zig-zag the rectangles together straight across. The seam should be seen on the RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR FABRIC!!

4. Once each side of the scarf is complete, pin them WRONG SIDES together. The seam should be showing!

5. Serge or Zig-Zag stitch all the way around the scarf.

Ta-da! Awesome new scarf!


Felt or Fleece Heart Garland

By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good. 

I love celebrating Valentine’s Day with my daughters and their friends. This year I made a little heart garland using scrap fleece. I think I would work better with felt for stability, but it works!

You Need:

1. Trace heart pattern onto your felt & cut out numerous hearts! I cut 14.

2. Fold top of heart down about 1/3 its size and make 2 slits. Because of the proportion of the heart, I recommend cutting the slits fairly high—higher than pictured!–otherwise they will hang upside-down.

3. Thread the ribbon through the hearts. Pin them where you want them.

4. Sew a straight seam through the middle of the ribbon to hold the hearts and ribbon in place.

Hang & enjoy!

Fleece Wreath

By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good. 

Rag wreaths have been done since…well, I don’t know how long. Here’s one I couldn’t resist though! After seeing one similar on Etsy last year, I had to try making my own. It’s simple, quick and inexpensive.

You’ll need:

Cut fleece into 2″ x 4″ pieces. Stretch your hanger into a circle, then twist the top into a loop so you have a way to hang it.

Begin tying your pieces of fleece onto your hanger.

Make sure to push pieces close together. You want to tie as many on as possible so you get a full looking wreath.

Take your coordinating piece of fleece and make a bow around the top, or be creative and decorate however you wish! This could be part of great table centerpiece.

Easy Tree Skirt

By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good. 

We typically get a tree to decorate our living room, but this year we added a little tree to our family room, which meant we needed another tree skirt! I had fabric, so I decided to make my own. Here’s how to make yours! Note: This is for a SMALL tree skirt. You will need more fabric for a larger skirt and will probably need to make a pattern to do so.

You need:

1. Cut your fabric 44″ x 44″. Fold into a square.

2. From the center corner, where all the corner is all folds, measure down 4″ marking in several places.  If you connect the dots, you should have a curved line.  Cut the curve.

3. Measuring from the curve down your fabric, mark 18″ down in several places. If you connect the dots, you should have a curved line. Cut the curve.

4. Make one cut all the way from the bottom to the top.

5. From your fat quarter, cut out a design or designs you want to appliqué.

6. Attach your design: Click HERE for a tutorial on how to appliqué.

7. Finish your edges. Normally, I would serge my edges or fold under and sew, but since I was in a hurry to put it under my new tree, I just used my pinking shears this time!

8. Add your ribbon: Cut 4—8″ pieces of ribbon. Place your ribbon 2″ and then another 6 ½” down from the center back along the “slit” and sew. Repeat on other side of slit.

Place under your tree!

Stocking Table Decoration

By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good. 

My mom was the genius behind this. (Thanks, mom!) I love these stocking silverware holders, especially because they can be decorated nicely for an adult crowd or fun for a kid crowd. I used fleece to make this one, but I think making them out of linen would be a nice formal touch. Also, for a more formal version, you could use white napkins inside the stocking instead of sewing in the white fleece. So many ideas…so little time.

You need:

1. Trace stocking pattern onto your red fabric, placing the straight side on the fold. I used this little green stocking for my pattern!

2. Cut stocking out.

3. Using the measurement for the width of the stocking, cut a rectangle from your white fabric that measures width x 3″.

4. Open red stocking and place white piece on the left inside of stocking. Sew directly into the stocking, close to the edge.

5. With right sides facing, sew curved side of stocking. Flip right side out.

6. Decorate with ribbons, bells, or other festive things! Insert silverware & you’re done!

Dear Santa,

What craft supplies are on your Christmas wish list this year?  Santa Claus is going to make an extra delivery to one lucky CreateForLess customer this holiday season!  Enter our Dear Santa Sweepstakes and you could win up to $100 of what you’ve been wishing for this holiday season!  Simply pick out your wish list at CreateForLess and enter here!

By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good. 

Dear Santa,

As you know, I have so many plans to sew. My closets and dressers overflow with fabric and my thread holder is stocked. I have pens and rulers and even sharp scissors. All I need now is some time, so that’s all I really want for Christmas. Here are some of the projects I want so badly to complete:

The Chloe Party Dress

My little girls need this dress, preferably before Christmas. I have the fabric and the pattern. The pattern is absolutely amazing—color photos and easy to read directions.

I also am dying to make…

The Ruffled Tee: tutorial by Robin at All Things Heart and Home

…for me.

Santa, who really needs a new t-shirt, when I can just re-create one of my own? The tutorial is free and the result is so cute. Please, Santa, more time, please!

I also am in need of some home decor, so I would like to make some . . .

Pillows: tutorial by Elizabeth at E Tells Tales

It’s just that this particular pillow is cute PLUS it looks cozy enough to actually lie my head on. Cute, but functional, and again, with the free tutorial and my overflowing stock of fabric, I definitely need time to make this. Or maybe this would be a good idea for a gift for someone else?

Finally, I really need to make more…

Bitty Booties: a free pattern by Heather Bailey

I’ve made these before & they are sooo cute! I’ve been meaning to make some for a friend, but time is ticking away and the wee one is growing. I’ve gotta get myself some time to make these before it’s too late! Santa, surely time isn’t too hard for you to bring me, right?

4 Days to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table – Wine Bottle Marker

By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good. 

My goal was to create a few simple pieces that would work together to make a cohesive, warm & cozy Thanksgiving table. Each project was designed to take less than an hour. I first made the Wine Glass Charm, then a Holiday Votive, and last week I showed you how to make a Thanksgiving Table Runner. In continuing with our theme, here’s a simple way to add decor and mark your wine bottles.

You need:

Cut 2: 9″ strips of leather cord for each wine bottle.

Sew a seam all the way around your burlap, just to keep it from unraveling.

Fold top over ½” on each piece. Sew a seam close to the edge.

Thread leather cord through top of each piece of burlap.

Cut 1 leaf out of felt. If desired, hand embroider “Merlot” or “Pinot”, etc., as appropriate on leaf.

Attach leaf to outside of burlap by either a) using Crafter’s glue OR b) hand stitch it together.

Tie leather cords together on the sides and slip over wine bottle.

Project 4: Complete! Bring on the food.