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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Need a way to organize your tools? A pegboard is a great way to store your tools. They stay tidy and you can see where everything is. This tutorial will show you how to make and stylize your own.

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Reuse or purchase pegboard wood. This will be a thin piece of wood with holes predrilled in a grid like pattern. Cut the wood into the size you want. If you buy it from a lumber yard they may be able to cut it into the dimensions you want.

Spray paint the wood in a color you like.

Let dry for 24 hours.

I reused an old pegboard for this project. While working, a bit of the corners came off. Since the board will be screwed to the wall in multiple places the board could still be used.

Some of the holes may get filled with spray paint. If this happens you can redrill them.

If you have experience with power tools you can use a circular saw to cut your wood. If not, seek assistance. Remember safety first!

Alternatively, a handsaw can be used.

Measure and cut furring strips to frame the pegboard.

I also put additional furring support in the middle.

To keep things organized I labeled all the pieces.

You’ll need screws long enough to go through the pegboard, furring strips and the studs in your wall.

To make hanging the pegboard easier, you can predrill the holes in the furring strips.

I used shorter screws to hold the pegboard onto the furring strips. The longer screws were partially drilled through the pegboard and furring strips to make installation easier. After installation, I removed the shorter screws.

Screw the board onto the wall into the wall studs.

I made two pegboards and placed one on top of the other.


Mix up some paint and dab onto a sea sponge.

Sponge paint onto the pegboard randomly.

Once one color dries you can apply more paint.

I used several different shades of green for my pegboard.


After the paint dries you can hang up your pegboard hooks.

If you buy a hook set, you can get a variety of hooks and pegs.

Now you have a place to hang all your tools.

Craft on!

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About Stephanie

Hello everyone. I’m Stephanie and I’m so happy to be the Yarn and Needlework contributor for Think Crafts. A friend taught me to crochet back in 2000 and I’ve been hooked on textile crafts every since. Knitting soon followed, then spinning, needle felting and sewing joined the team. I love making my own clothes and home accessories. Creating fun monsters out of sparkly yarn is my current obsession. I blog about my crafty creations at Twilly 23.

3 thoughts on “Pegboard

  1. Homeedmag

    Great idea and very good-looking. Thank you for your sharing. I found your instructions very detailed and easy to understand. I will follow your instructions. But I have to questions is to How far from the wall does the pegboard need to be?

  2. Stephanie

    Thank you! It depends on the peg hooks. I found the furring strips pushed the pegboard wood far enough off the wall that stand peg hooks worked just fine.

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