Beautiful Book Ornament

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a sweet book ornament for yourself, or the reader in your life, out of an old book!  Recycling at it’s prettiest!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, remove 3-4 pages from your book.  Mine was a smallish paperback book, so if your book is really large, you may be able to cut your pages down and use less.  Fold the pages in half.

Fold them in half again.  You’ve folded the pages in quarters at this point.  Cut along the fold to separate the layers, and trim the little book to the size you desire.  Mine was a little tall, and felt out of proportion as a book, so I trimmed it slightly shorter.

Staple along the folded edge to hold your pages together.  You could also glue them all together, layer by layer, if you don’t have a stapler.

Lay your little book on the felt, and cut a rectangle cover that it a little bigger than the pages.  You want to be able to see a felt border all the way around the edge.

Cut a little ribbon bookmark that is just a little longer than your book is tall.  Glue it onto the felt behind the spine of your pages.  Use hot glue to attach the book to the cover along the spine.

Cut two little rectangles that are the same size as your book pages from patterned paper.  These are the endpapers for your book.  Use some hot glue to attach them to both insides of the cover.

Optionally you can paint decorations, or titles onto your books with acrylic paint, and a small brush.  Felt is not the easiest to paint, so you can also just add some felt, ribbon, or other trim to the outside to decorate your book.  You could also use markers to write the title on a piece of pretty paper, and then glue the little rectangle onto the cover of your book.

Cut  a length of twine, fold it in half, and tie the ends into a knot to form a hanging loop.  Add a dab of glue, and push the end of the loop into the spine of your book to hide it, and create a way to hang your book on your tree.

Happy Crafting!

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