Walnut Shell Ship Ornaments

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Sail a whimsical walnut shell ship on your tree this year with this sweet little ornament.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, you need to split your walnuts in half.  To do so, carefully push the knife blade into the flat end of the nut at the seam.  Continue to gently push the blade into the nut (Away from yourself!), wiggling it side to side a bit, until the nut begins to split.  Don’t force it, go slow, as you want it to split cleanly, rather than leaving jagged edges.   Clean the nut out of the inside.  Have a small walnut snack, or feed them to your local squirrels.

Choose some paper for your sails.  Cut some pieces that are about 1.5-inches square.  Poke the end of a toothpick though the paper at the bottom of each sail, in the very middle.  Bend your paper a bit so you can push the point through the paper at the top of the sail, also in the middle.

Push a ball of clay into each walnut shell to fill up the hole almost to the top.  Leave just a small space between the edge of the shell and the top of the clay.

Push your toothpick masts into the center of each walnut shell.  Be sure that the sails billow backwards, away from the pointy end of your ship.  Let the clay dry over night.

Cut some long, skinny triangles from your colored cardstock.

Fold over the base of the flag a tiny bit so it slips over the top of the mast.  Use a dot of glue to hold it in place. Let dry.

Cut a length of twine, fold it in half.  Tie the ends together in a knot so you have a loop.  Place the folded end of the loop under the flag so it is perpendicular to the mast.  Take the knotted end of the loop around the mast, and poke it through the looped end.  Keep holding the knotted end, and pull the whole loop through itself so it slip-knots itself to the mast.  You’ve now created a hanging loop for your ornament.

Spread some glue over the top of the clay, and at the top of the mast.  Sprinkle with glitter, and tap off the extra.  Let dry.

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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