Wooden Owl Ornaments

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Who-hoo-hoo wants to make some owl ornaments?  Create some pretty owl ornaments for your tree with this super simple painting project.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, drill a hole near the edge of each wooden circle.  Use a drill bit that is big enough that your jute will easily push through the hole.

To create the faces for your owls, you’re going to be drawing something that looks like a heart shape on the top, and a curved edge on the bottom, instead of a point.  You can vary the sizes, and shapes a bit to make each owl unique.

Use a small brush to paint the area around the face whatever color you would like your owl’s feathers to be.  Leave the face area unpainted so the natural wood color shows.

Let them dry before painting the eyes so you don’t smudge them.

Using a small detail brush, make one small black dot in the middle of each “lobe” of the face.  While the black is still wet, paint a small line away from the top outside edge of each eye, and one down from the bottom inside corner of each eye.  This will give your owl a more almond-shaped, “owlish” eye shape.  Repeat with the second eye.

Paint a tiny black triangle at  the end of the point between the eyes.

Use a tiny detail brush, and some contrasting paint to paint some “v” shapes onto the colored part of your owl to represent feathers.

Try varying the face shapes, colors, and the patterns of their feathers to create different kinds of owls.  Let them dry completely before adding the hanging loops.

Thread a piece of jute through the hole at the top of your ornament, and then thread both ends through a wood bead.  Slide the bead down by the owl.  Tie the ends of the jute together to form a loop for hanging.

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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