Willow Branches

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Want more nature in your life but are too busy for actual plants? These knit willow branches are the perfect houseplant. Made from I-cord, they are an easy knit and a fun way to decorate your space.





Get some curtain rods for your knit branches. I found some thrifted white ones so painted them brown.

Pull the rods apart before spray painting. Let dry 24 hours.

Make I-cord out of brown and green yarn. To make I-cord:

Using double pointed needles, cast on four stitches.

Row 1: Knit across row. Without turning, slide stitches to the right side of the needle.

Repeat Row 1 until your cord of knit stitches is desired length. You may need to tug on the yarn at the beginning until the cord takes shape.

The brown I-cord will be the tree branches and the green I-cord will be the leaves. Cut off a 2 or 3 inch section of green I-cord.

Bind off one end.

Sew stitches from the other end onto the brown I-cord.

Sew more leaves onto the brown I-cord.

Space the leaves a few inches apart along the branch cord.

I made branches out of variegated brown yarn. I also used two different colors of green for the leaves.

Reassemble your curtain rods and hang them on your wall. I placed mine a few inches down from the ceiling to make sure I had enough room to install the branches.

Cut off a bit of one end of the brown I-cord and bind off the stitches. Wrap the end around the curtain rod and sew back onto the branch to make a loop.

Cut the branch the length you want. Bind off the stitches and pull the end yarn through the branch to hide it.

I varied the length of my branches to give them a more organic look.

Attach your branches onto the curtain rods until you are out of yarn.

Since the top of the branches are loops you can space them how you like.

The bottom of the branches can easily be moved to the side to grab your books.

Craft on!

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