Fancy Frogs

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Sew yourself a fine froggie friend wearing a fancy felt vest using this free pattern, and step-by-step tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, print and cut out the pattern pieces.  Fold your fabric so the right sides are together, pin the pattern pieces to the fabric, and cut out the number of pieces as directed on each pattern piece.

You’re going to be sewing approximately 1/4-inch seam allowances.  On my machine, I simply follow the edge of the fabric piece with edge of my sewing machine’s foot.

Sew around both legs, and both arms, leaving the top end open.  Turn right side out, I like to use the eraser end of a pencil to help me turn tubes, like the legs and arms, right side out.

Stuff the flipper, and bottom part of each leg up to the knee–stuff more tightly in the flipper, and looser as you go up the leg.  Stitch across the middle of each leg to create a knee joint.  Then add a bit more stuffing above the knee.  Repeat for the second leg.

Lay one body piece right side up on your work surface.  Lay both legs onto the body, lining up the open top parts with the bottom edge of the body, and extending the legs so the flipper ends extend over the head.  Lay the second body piece over the top, sandwiching the legs inside.  Pin the bottom seam to capture the ends of the legs in place.  Stitch across that straight seam, sewing the legs in place.

Now fold the legs up inside the body, and pin the edges of the body together so you can sew a seam around the edge.

Sew the seam, leaving a couple of inches open on one side so you can turn the frog right side out.

Turn frog right side out, and stuff with fiber.   Sew the opening on the side closed.

Stuff the arms, turn the raw edge at the top of each arm tube down inside a 1/4-inch, fold it shut, and then stitch the arms to each side of the body using a needle and thread.

Position the arms about 1 1/2-inches down from top of each eye bump.

Thread your needle with 4 strands of black embroidery floss, and stitch the buttons onto each eye bump.  Go through the holes in each button enough times so you have a nice sized pupil in each eye.

Use your floss to stitch a smile onto your frog’s face.

Cut one vest out of piece of felt.

Dress your frog in his vest, you’ll see one front side is longer, and overlaps.  Sew your button on the shorter, underneath side of the vest.  Pull the overlap side over the top of the button, and carefully snip a little slit for a button hole.  It’s better to make the snip a little too small, and have to stretch it a bit, than cut it too large–err on the side of too small.

Add a pocket, if you desire, and any other details to make your frog extra fancy.  Maybe a flower boutonniere? A pocketwatch?

Sew your frog a friend.  I made a slightly wider, darker colored amphibian friend, and I’m calling them “Frog & Toad,” like the characters in some of my favorite kid’s books.

Happy Sewing!

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