Upcycled Trophies

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By Needlework and General Crafts Contributor Emily from the blog Larkspur Cottage.

Transform thrift store finds into an exciting trophy in a few simple steps!

Here’s What You Need:

For this project, you will need an item that has a large cup-like shape. Goblets, vases, planters, or even recycled containers can have a nice shape. Look around and you will see potential trophies appearing everywhere! This project is a great way to reuse an old item you already have around the house, garden, or have found in a thrift store. Plastic works well, but other materials also work if they take hot glue and paint.

Make sure your container is clean, then cut two cardstock strips to be handles. Hot glue them to the container. (For some of my trophies, I added the handles after painting, which works as well.)

Spray paint the whole trophy with metallic spray paint, silver is especially realistic. If desired, hot glue the trophy onto a square of wood to “mount” it. Glue a rectangle of cardstock, painted to match the trophy, onto the wood as the plaque.

Ta-daa, a trophy! We will use our trophies as costume prizes at a party this month. They are fun for all ages, and can be filled with extra little prizes or candies as well.


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