Nature Wreaths

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Bring the beauty of autumn indoors with these simple wreaths made from natural materials you collect outdoors.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, go on a nature walk and collect some materials.  I picked rosehips off of a wild rose bush.  Always be sure that the things you’re picking, like berries, are not poisonous–if in doubt, don’t pick it.  Harder fruits like rosehips, and crabapples are going to hold up better anyway.

I also picked some dried up sunflower heads that the birds had eaten all of the seeds out of.

To begin, prepare your materials by snipping off excess stems, and leaves.  Cut a piece of wire whatever length you need to make your wreath your desired diameter.

Begin stringing your natural materials onto your wire.  For things like flower heads, you can leave a small bit of stem, and push the wire through the base near the stem.  For a different kind of look, try stringing the flower heads on front to back through the middle.

Keep stringing your material onto your wreath until you’ve filled the wire most of the way–leave enough bare wire so you can twist the ends together to close the circle, and form a hook for hanging.  I left about 4-inches of bare wire.  I used the same kind of material on my wreath, all sunflower heads, but you could mix and match materials as well.

Twist the ends together to close your wreath, folding the tail around with the pliers, as needed.

Bend the very end into a hook you can use to hang your wreath.

When I strung the rosehips, I pushed the wire through down near the stem end to avoid the hard seeds in the center.

Once again, leave enough bare wire that you can twist the ends together to hold the wreath shape, and have enough to form a hook for hanging.

Your wreaths will look beautiful hung inside, or outdoors.

On wreaths made of dried goods, you can use your hot glue to add a few more dried elements on top of your wreath, if you desire.

Happy Autumn Crafting!

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