Felt Coneflower

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By Needlework and General Crafts Contributor Emily from the blog Larkspur Cottage.

This cozy Autumn craft combines several different materials to create a wonderfully realistic Black-eyed Susan bloom!

Here’s What You Need:

First, make the center cone of your flower by felting the roving into a ball. This can be done by needle or wet felting.


Next, cut a long strip of brown felt and colour it with a darker brown pastel along one side. Cut a fringe along this side.

Glue the strip in place around the felted ball, with the fringe facing up. Flower centre complete!

Cut several rectangles out of the yellow felt, using the centre as a size guide. Darken the rectangle centres with orange and brown pastels

Cut petal shapes out of the rectangles, and bend them to add dimension.

Insert the wire or skewer stem into the base of the centre felt ball and secure with glue. Then glue the petals onto the centre. Add two layers of petals, if desired. (You can always make more petals if you need them!)

Cut several sepals (thin, pointed petal shape) from the green felt. Glue these onto the base of the flower; they should smoothly cover where the petals meet the stem.

Wrap the stem with floral tape.

Cut leaves from the green felt and them to the stem with glue and floral tape.

Your coneflower is complete, and makes wonderful Autumn décor! If you want to keep crafting, maybe several blooms could become a garland or wreath…

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