Spooky Potion Display

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a spooky fun display for Halloween with this fun project. Customize it to your own style by using different boxes, labels, and potion “ingredients” to make a truly unique decoration.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, find some cool potion labels online, and print them at a scale (you can reduce the print size percentage in your printer settings) to fit the size of your bottles.  Cut them out, and apply them to your bottles with tacky glue.

Now the fun part is finding potion “ingredients” to fill your bottles.  I had some transparent sequins that made perfect snake scales for this jar.  Use your imagination, and hit your craft stash, and even your spice cupboard to find cool looking things to fill your bottles with.

I used things like beads, glitter, shredded strands of raffia for mouse whiskers, dried pods, and even torn up pieces of black crepe paper for bat wings.

Figure out how you want your shelves to be arranged inside your display.  Cut strips of cardboard for shelves, and try fitting them in before you glue in your background paper (so you don’t mess it up fitting the cardboard).

When you have your shelves figured out, cut a piece of decorative paper to cover the back of your display, if desired.  Glue in place.  Maybe you’ll make a collage of a bunch of scrap papers, or paint the background instead–it’s up to you!

Now use you hot glue to affix your shelves in place.

To make decorative shelf liners, cut narrow strips of paper, fold them accoridan style, and then cut a pattern into one edge.  When you open up the strip, you’ll have a repeating pattern across the bottom edge.  Use your tacky glue to glue the flat edge of the strip along the exposed cardboard edge of the shelf.

Now start filling your shelves with bottles, and other items to create an interesting display.

I chose to use a dab of hot glue on the bottom of each of my bottles to keep them from tipping over.

Try tucking moss, and other natural elements around your bottles to add some interest.

You could distress your bottles, or add sealing wax to them, to give your display a more aged look.

This is such fun project to create, all sorts of fun little details!

Spooky Crafting!

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