Witch Tassels

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a spooky cute witch decoration to use in a garland, on a wreath, or just hang it off a knob as a cute addition to your Halloween home.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, find a smallish book, like 6-inches tall, and no thicker than 1-inch, or you can cut a piece of cardboard folded in half (to make it stiffer) to wrap your yarn around. Wrap your yarn around the 6-inch length about 50 times.

Slide a short piece of yarn through the loops at one ends, and tie tightly in a knot. Wrap, and tie a couple more times to secure.

Use your scissors to cut the loops at the opposite end from the one you just tied, to free the tassel.

Wrap, and tie another piece of yarn around the yarn bundle about an inch down from the top to form a little head.

Trim the bottom edge of your tassel so it is even.

To create striped legs, twist two contrasting colored chenille stems together.

Cut in half, and bend the ends out to create 2 legs with feet.

To create boots, choose a chenille stem, and lay it so it pokes down below the heel of the hoot about 1/2-inch. This is the heel of your boot.

Now, begin wrapping the top portion of the boot chenille stem around the ankle of your witch’s leg to hold it in place.

Wrap up the ankle a bit, and then wrap it back down to the foot, and begin wrapping the foot.

Keep wrapping until the foot is covered, tapering the boot down as you get to the toes.

Trim the excess, as needed, fold the raw end of the chenille stem over to hide, and bend into a curled toe.

Make two legs with boots, and then use hot glue to attach them up inside the tassel so they hang down like legs.

To make a hat brim, cut a 2-inch felt circle.

Cut a second 2-inch felt circle to create the pointed crown of the hat.

Cut a slit into the circle from the edge, to the very center.

Add a dab of hot glue, and begin rolling the circle at the slit, to form a cone.

When your hat is as wide as you want, glue to secure, and trim the extra felt.

Use hot glue to attach the cone to the hat brim.

Decorate the hat, as desired, and glue a loop of twine to the top of the hat. Push the end of the twine loop under the edge of the rolled crown of your hat to hide it.

Happy Halloween Crafting!

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