Witchy Brooms

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 By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a nature walk to collect materials, and then come home and make some spooky fun Halloween decorations with what you’ve collected.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, use your drill to make a hole in the end of each branch. You need it to be big enough in diameter that you can feed your lacing, or whatever you’re going to use as a hanging loop, through the hole.

Cut lengths of lacing, thread through the holes, and tie a knot in the end so you have a loop.

To create a twig/brush broom, bundle together a bunch of twigs that are about the same length, and arrange them around the end of one of your branches.

Wrap a chenille stem tightly around the twigs to help hold them in place. Add more twigs as you wrap the chenille stem around, as needed to make the broom look full, and even.

Use some raffia to wrap the broom, and hide the chenille stems, if desired.

You can even braid some jute together to use as a more decorative wrap.

To make a grass broom, create a bundle of grass, and arrange it around the end of another branch. If you need to, you can anchor the bundle with a chenille stem, but I didn’t think the grass was as hard to anchor as the twigs were, and simply wrapped the base of the broom with some jute twine, knotting it tightly to hold everything in place.

The last broom I made with some store bought dried flowers that I already had. I treated these the same as the grass, except I wrapped the bundle with lacing, instead of jute.

These brooms are a fun, and easy decoration to make! If you desire, you can paint a “broom parking” sign, like I did, and hang the brooms from the sign to display them. They look equally as fun leaning up against the wall on the porch, positioned by your pumpkins, or hanging from a coat hook in the hallway.

Happy Halloween Crafting!

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