Phases of the Moon Earrings

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Spooky season is nearly upon us, make some earrings that are less creepy, more stylish, but definitely have a Halloween-y vibe.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, choose six of the wood circles that are 3/4-inch in size.  In four of the circles you’re going to want to make two sets of holes that are straight across from each other, and as close to the edge as you can get without splitting the wood.  The last two circles only need one hole each, as close to the edge as you can get.  Use your pencil to make tiny dots where you want to drill, and then use your 1/6-inch bit in your drill to make the holes.

Use one of your circles as a template to trace against to create the crescent moon shapes on your drilled circles.

Trace crescent moon shapes onto one of the sets of circles with two holes drilled into them–these will be the top link of your earrings.  Next, trace another set of moons onto the set of circles with only one hole drilled into them–these will be the bottom link in your earrings.

Make two sets with the crescent moon facing one direction, and then the other set with the crescents facing the opposite direction.   The middle links (with two sets of holes drilled into them) will just be a unpainted wood circles to represent the full moon.

Use your black acrylic paint to paint the sky next to each crescent moon.

Use your gold paint to make tiny stars, or dots, in the night skies.

Use your jump rings to connect the links together.

Make sure you pair the moons facing the same direction on the same link on each earring, so the earrings match when you’re done.  The full moon link goes in the middle.

Add another jump ring at the top of each earring, and connect an earring wire.  Carefully use your pliers to bend the base of the earring wire, if needed, so the earring hangs facing forward (rather than sideways) when it’s worn.

Happy Crafting!

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