Tiny Witch Broom

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Create some miniature flying brooms to decorate your Halloween home, and to use in your spooky crafting.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Twigs
  • Panacea Raffia Hank Natural 12 oz
  • Janlynn Embroidery Floss Pack 36 pc. Primary
  • A book, about 5-inches wide
  • Scissors

To begin, trim your twig to about 8-inches long.    Separate about half a dozen strands of raffia, and hold all the strands together at one end, forming them into a bundle.  Take that bundle, and begin wrapping it around the book.

When you have wrapped all of the raffia, take another strand of raffia, and poke it through the loops at one end of your wraps, and tie it into a knot.

Slide the tied wraps off of the book, and slip the end of the twig between the loops on the tied end, so it is roughly in the middle of the bundle.  Make sure the twig is sticking about an inch-and-a-half down into the inside of the bundle.

Take another strand of raffia, and wrap around the raffia, just below the handle.  Pull tight, and knot.  Cut tails short.

Cut the loops at the other end of the broom, and trim.

Take a long length of embroidery floss.  Tie one end of the floss around the top of the raffia broom head, leaving a 2-inch tail on one side, and the long length of floss on the other.  Then, wrap the floss tightly around the top of the broom head to make a decorative, solid colored area–be sure to leave the 2-inch tail free.  When you’re happy with your wraps, use the 2-inch tail to tie off your floss.  Knot several times to make sure it’s secure, and cut off the excess.

Trim your broom to your desired shape.

Spooky Crafting!

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