Miniature Books

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

While looking for a way to make a large amount of books for a miniature bookshop I was creating, I found a fun, and easy way to do so!  These miniature books are great to use when making miniature scenes, or in dollhouses, and would be fun to use in different ways just making crafts in general.  Super quick to make, and easy to make in large numbers.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, do a quick Internet search for “miniature book printables,” and you will find yourself with a treasure trove of printable miniature book covers.  Make your choices, save them, and print them on either glossy photo paper (for glossy covers, obviously), or on plain cardstock (for a matte finish).  Use your X-Acto knife, and ruler to cut out the covers.

Look at the spines of the book covers, and choose a thickness of cardboard that is about the same thickness of the covers.  Gently fold your book covers in half, open, and apply glue (sometimes tacky sticks better, sometimes the gluestick–it depends on the cardboard) to the inside.  Get all over, clear to the edges.  Sandwich your paper book cover over a straight edge of your cardboard, molding the spine to the edge to fit.  It’s tempting to butt the books right up against one another, so you can cut them out with less cuts, but I actually found it was harder to cut them neatly.  Leave a little distance between each book, so you can cut each one out cleanly. Let dry.

Use your scissors, or X-acto knife and ruler to cut out the books.

Further finish your books by painting the raw edges with acrylic paint, as desired.  Let dry.  Use tacky glue to glue them into stacks, or rows.

Now, stock your miniature book stores, and dollhouses with your cute, tiny books, or use them in other creative ways in your crafting!

Happy Crafting!

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