Upcycled Pants

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Have an old pair of pants that’s worn out? By mending clothes with stylish fabric you can give an old piece of clothing new life. This tutorial will show you how to repair the waistband and leg cuffs on a pair of pants.





Remove the waistband using either scissors or a seam ripper.

My waistband was pretty worn out so I used scissors.

Remove the zipper using a seam ripper. If it’s still in good shape, save it for a later craft project.

The zipper area will be sewn shut to create elastic pants.

Before sewing, iron the zipper area so it will lay flat.

Sew the flap of the zipper down to the pants.

By sewing close to the edge of the flap with matching thread, this new seam blends into the pants design.

Measure the waistband. Cut a strip of fabric the same length plus seam allowance. I cut my new waistband 4” wide. If you are using thin elastic you can make the width thinner.

Sew the inside of the waistband to the pants. Fold over the fabric and pin to the front. Leave a 1-2” gap to slide the elastic into the waistband.

Cut a length of elastic that is comfortable around your waist while also including seam allowance. Attach a safety pin into one end and guide it into the waistband.

Sew ends of elastic together.

Once elastic is in place, sew waistband gap closed.

Remove leg cuffs with scissors or a seam ripper.

Measure the leg cuff. Cut a strip of fabric the same length plus seam allowance and 4” wide. Sew the inside of the leg cuffs first

Fold over leg cuff fabric and sew into place.

Repeat for other leg cuff. Cut loose threads. Now your pants are repaired.

Craft on!

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About Stephanie

Hello everyone. I’m Stephanie and I’m so happy to be the Yarn and Needlework contributor for Think Crafts. A friend taught me to crochet back in 2000 and I’ve been hooked on textile crafts every since. Knitting soon followed, then spinning, needle felting and sewing joined the team. I love making my own clothes and home accessories. Creating fun monsters out of sparkly yarn is my current obsession. I blog about my crafty creations at Twilly 23.

One thought on “Upcycled Pants

  1. Sunny Sebastian

    Very creative. We all have clothes in our closet that just aren’t our favs. One of my “go to” fixes is to add laces or pretty trims around collars, cuffs, or hems.

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