How to Make a Friends Birthday Card

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By Guest Blogger, Erin, from Pattern & Paste

Friends is a favorite show to binge for many of us – and this Friends birthday card will be a favorite for any friend or family member. This post is going to walk you through step by step how to make a Friends birthday card.

This DIY birthday card is easy to make and will show any Friends fan out there that you care. You can make this card in about 10 minutes, and it will be a meaningful gift.

Supplies Needed To Make This Friends Birthday Card:

How To Make A Friends Birthday Card

  1. Fold The Purple Piece Of Paper In Half

Starting with an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of purple cardstock, fold it in half to get a 8.5 x 5.5 inch card. For the Friends theme, picking a shade of purple like this one will match the purple walls of Monica’s apartment perfectly.

  1. Trim The White Cardstock

The next step to make this Friends birthday card is to cut a 3 x 4 inch piece of white cardstock. You will use this piece of paper to write on.

  1. Write Your Text

After cutting your white piece of paper to write on, use a black marker to write “The one where it’s your birthday”. Be sure to leave extra space between each letter in “BIRTHDAY” because you will need it to add in dots later.

  1. Add Dots Between The Letters In “BIRTHDAY”

Next, to give it the full Friends font treatment you will add colored dots between each letter in the word “BIRTHDAY”. Alternate between red, blue, and yellow dots.

  1. Put Your Message Into The Frame

Next, use your hot glue gun or adhesive to attach the white paper with your message on to the yellow piece of paper leaving at least a few inches of yellow around each side.

After gluing, you will cut around the white piece of paper in waves to make the yellow paper look like the infamous Friends frame.

  1. Draw Yellow Swirls To Accent The Frame

The next step to create this Friends birthday card is to use your yellow marker again and draw swirls on the frame to accent the frame.

  1. Glue Your Frame To The Card

The last step to create your Friends birthday card is to glue the frame with your message on to the purple paper that you folded in step 1. Use the hot glue gun or adhesive to attach the frame in the center of the card.

Now Your Friends Birthday Card Is Ready To Go!

Now that the card is complete, all you have to do is write your message to the recipient on the inside and stick it in an envelope.

Other Friends Birthday Card Message Ideas

“The one where it’s your birthday” is a classic Friends birthday card message. However, there are lots of other options you can use as well if you want to write something else on the front. Other examples of Friends birthday card messages are:

  • The one where it’s <NAME’s> birthday
  • Could you BE any older?
  • The one where you turn a year older
  • The one where <NAME> turns <AGE>
  • How you doin’ on your birthday?

Short on time?

If you’re pressed for time this printable version of the card can be ready with the click of a button.

Comment below with your favorite Friends birthday card message!

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