Ribbon Cabinet

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Want to decorate your space but are not sure what to do? Why not decorate the inside of a cabinet? This tutorial will show you how to transform a regular cabinet into a colorful mural.

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Pick a cabinet to decorate.

Removed the cabinet door. I unscrewed mine from its hinges.

You’ll be using craft glue to glue the ribbons down. Washi tape is naturally sticky. If you are concerned about altering the cabinet, consider only using washi tape. This style of tape can be removed without leaving any sticky residue.

Cut lengths of ribbon and glue down to the inside of the cabinet. Avoid the edges to make sure the cabinet will still close properly.

Glue different lengths of ribbon at different angles to the cabinet.

Blend washi tape with the ribbon.

The ribbons and washi tape will criss-cross over each other.

I cut some of my washi tape to give the appearance that it was underneath some of the ribbons.

Though washi tape is sticky, the ends can start curling up. Some ribbon ends curled up as well.

To prevent this, make a mixture of half craft glue and half water. (If you are concerned about altering the underlying cabinet door, skip this step.)

Paint on the watery glue over the ribbons and washi tape to hold it all down.

Don’t paint over velvet ribbon or textured ribbon (like pompoms) because the glue could mess up their finish.

After the cabinet door has dried completely screw it back onto the cabinet. Enjoy your new creation.

Craft on!

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