Miniature Braided Rug

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make a sweet miniature braided rug for a dollhouse, display, or diorama.  I used mine to decorate a miniature book shop I created.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To make a rug that is a 3-inch circle, you need to make your three pieces of yarn 6-feet long.  The nice thing about these little rugs is that it is easy to make them larger by making another braid of yarn, and tucking the end under the previous braid when you glue it down to the felt.

Knot your 3 pieces of yarn together at one end, and tape it down to your work surface.

Braid your yarn together into a simple braid.  If you find the 6-foot length cumbersome to work with, just make two 3-foot lengths braids instead.  You can simply tuck the beginning of the second braid under the end of the first braid as you glue it down to the felt circle.

Braid the yarn, leaving enough to tie a knot in the end to finish it off.

Use your pencil to trace a 3-inch circle onto your felt.  Cut out.

Place a dot of hot glue into the very center of your felt circle.  Place the end of the braid, not the knot, into the glue.

Begin coiling, and gluing your braid around in a tight spiral.  Be sure to keep the braid flat against the felt, not up on the side, and cover the knot as you spiral out.  Continue spiraling your braid until you get to the edge.  If you have a little more braid than felt, just add some glue along the edge of the braid from the previous round, and keep spiraling out until you get to the end of your braid.

You can vary the size of your rug by using thicker, or thinner yarn.  You could make a much larger doll-sized rug by braiding bundles of yarn together, rather than just single strands.

Happy Crafting!

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