Knot Earrings

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create some beautiful on-trend earrings using leather cording, and following these easy step-by-step directions. Pretty for yourself, or fun to give as a handmade gift!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, cut three lengths of leather lace that are each 12-inches long. Hold them together so the ends are flat next to each other in a line, rather than piled on top of each other, and wrap a small piece of tape the ends. Smooth the strands out, keeping them in the same order you have them taped together at the one end, and line up the ends, and tape them together on the other end as well. The entire time you’re forming your knot, try your best to keep the strands flat in a row, rather than letting them pile up onto each other. Tape can help a lot.

Find the middle, tape it down to your work surface. Form the lengths into an “awareness ribbon” shape, with a loop at the top, and the ends coming down and bending in opposite directions. Make sure that the tail coming from the right side of the loop, and pointing off toward the left, is on top of the other tail that is pointing to the right.

Next, take the tail that is coming from the right of the loop, and is pointing toward the left, the one that is on top, and curve it up, and OVER both sides of the top loop–just take it right OVER the middle of the loop.

Take the second tail, the one that was under the first tail, and is pointing toward the right, and bend it up and over the first tail, UNDER the right side of the top loop, and out OVER the left side of the top loop.

Take a look at the teardrop shaped loop you’ve created on the left side, below the main loop. It’s at an angle, slanted. We’re going to thread that tail that’s sticking out of the main loop above it, through that loop. It’s going to go OVER the top left side of that teardrop shaped loop, UNDER the part that crosses over the middle of the teardrop shaped loop, and back out OVER the bottom of the teardrop.

Now your knot is formed, and all that’s left is to pull and tighten it up some. Gently pull on the tails, and loops you’ve formed to even them up, and make it so you can pull your tail ends up together into a point. Use your fingers to flatten your cords around each loop, so each strand lays flat next to each other–you want your knot to be formed of three strands that run parallel to each other, rather than being all piled up on top of one another.

Bring your ends all up together, it’s okay to squish them all into a pile up here. We need them to stay together, and fit into the crimp end. I added a dot of super glue to help hold them together.

Trim the ends even, and place them inside a crimp end. Use your pliers to fold one, and then the other side over the ends to capture them inside.

To finish your earrings, use your pliers to fasten the bottom loop of an earring wire to the loop in your crimp.

Happy Crafting!

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One thought on “Knot Earrings

  1. Cath

    Beautiful! I’m thinking I might be able to adapt this technique to some other decorative elements, since I don’t wear earrings. Thanks for the instructions.

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