Upcycled Curtains

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Need some curtains for a window? Instead of buying premade ones you can make some yourself. Curtains make an excellent beginner sewing project. Even better, you can upcycle a pair of sheets for a unique look. This tutorial will show you how.




  • Sheets
  • Old shirt
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Seam ripper
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Curtain rod and brackets


Pick the window you want to make curtains for and measure its height and width. Divide the width in half if you are making a pair of curtains. Remember to add seam allowance. Add in extra length if you want your curtains to hang below the window bottom.

Buy a window rod that comes with hanging brackets. Seek assistance if you are uncomfortable using power tools.

Install the brackets and rod above your window. I purchased a curtain rod that has rounded corners so the curtain can wrap around the sides.

Install hooks for your curtain ties.

You can find great vintage sheets at garage sales and thrift stores. This set of twin sheets was only $1 at a local sale. We’re converting our garage into an indoor garden space so this vintage plant print was perfect for this project.

Cut off any elastic or ties. This will let your fabric lie flat so you can more easily cut out your curtains.

Before drawing out your design inspect your thrifted curtain for any damage. Mine had a couple tears but I was able to work around them.

Curtains are basically rectangles with finished edges. That’s what makes them so perfect if you are new to sewing.

Add seam allowance to your earlier measurements and cut out your shapes. Fold over the edges and sew.

Be sure to factor in extra fabric to go around the curtain rod.

Slide the curtains onto the rod.

Depending on how you cut out your curtains, the sheets could already have a sewn edge. The bottom of my curtains were already sewn.

If you don’t want to make ties then your sheets to curtains project is now complete.

If you want to make curtain ties out of upcycled materials you can follow my Upcycled Curtain Ties tutorial.

I used some thrifted shirts from my fabric stash.

You can make your ties a solid color or make them reversible like I did.

Hang your curtain ties onto hooks and tie your curtains back.

Now you have personalized curtains and ties.

Craft on!

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