Poured Paint Coasters

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Paint pouring is a fun, and satisfying process with pretty results–and it’s made that much easier when the flowing medium is already mixed with the paint, so you can just get to pouring straight out of the bottle!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, place four disposable cups into your box, and place one coaster on top of each cup. You need your coasters to be up off of the surface of your work area, so the excess paint can flow down over the edges, and the coasters are not just sitting in puddles of runoff paint. Your coasters will take a really long time to dry as well, and you need to make sure they sit undisturbed until the paint has set.

Using another disposable cup, squirt a couple of tablespoons of your first color paint into the cup. Then, squirt some of your next color into the middle of the first paint.

Continue adding squirts of color into the cup, always into the middle of the previous color. DO NOT STIR! All told, I only had about 1/4 cup of paint in my cup.

The first paint pouring method I tried was to place the coaster on top of my cup, centered.

Next, I quickly flipped the cup so the upside down cup was resting on the wood coaster.

Then carefully, I pulled the cup straight up to release the paint, and let it flow over the coaster. You can tilt the coaster a bit to help the paint flow, and move the colors around. This method gave me softer lines, rounded spots, and more of a flowing, almost water-like look.

The next method I tried was to simply pour the paint onto the coaster in wiggly lines, and then tilting the coaster to spread the paint. This method gave me bolder stripes of color, and more overall marbled effect.

Leave your coasters undisturbed until the paint is fully dry. I left mine outside in the hot sun, and they took all afternoon to dry. Depending on the temperature, and humidity, these could possibly take days to dry.

To help protect the surface, I recommend some clear coat spray, but you need to be sure they are absolutely dry before you coat them with spray, or they’ll stay tacky.

The paint dried on mine in some really interesting textures, as well. Certain colors absorbed into the wood more than others, leaving little channels, and in some areas, my paint created an almost crackle-effect as it dried.

To finish your coasters, trace around the coaster with a pencil onto a piece of felt, cut out the felt circles, and glue them to the bottom.

Happy Crafting!

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