Scrap Fabric Ornaments

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Summer may be in bloom but we crafters know that the holidays are right around the corner. That’s why we start making holiday gifts way early! These fabric ornaments make great holiday decorations, party gifts, and stocking stuffers. Better yet they are made using scrap materials.





Make a template for your ornaments. I used two of my felting shapes from my DMC Patch Kits.

Cookie cutter shapes also make great templates. Be sure to add a seam allowance around your shape.

Cut out two pieces of your desired shape from scrap fabric.

Cut a 6” length of ribbon. I keep a ziplock of scrap ribbon and trim that I used for this project.

Turn right sides of fabric facing each other with the ribbon in between. Pin together making sure a bit of ribbon is peeking out. Sew around pieces leaving a one inch gap.

Turn right side out. A chopstick works great for this step.

Once turned right side out the ornaments are ready to be stuffed.

Yarn scraps work great for this project! Stuff ornament desired fullness.

Sew the gap closed.

I used an invisible stitch to hide the opening.

These ornaments are small enough that they are perfect for stocking stuffers.

They also make great party favors.

These ornaments were so cute hanging up that they inspired me to make more.

By using scrap materials it’s easy to make unique ornaments. No two of mine are alike.

Craft on!

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