Summer Wildflower Painting

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By General Arts Contributor Michelle

Want to create some pretty art, but aren’t real confident in your painting skills? This painting is for you!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

This is a messy painting. Cover a large working area with newspaper, because you’re going to be flicking paint pretty soon. To begin, paint the top section of your canvas sky blue. Paint the bottom section lime green. Feather the area where the two colors meet.

While your blue paint is still damp, brush some white clouds into the sky, feathering the edges to soften them. Don’t worry about being to detailed, just make them fast, and brushy. Let dry.

Thin some of your dark green paint a bit, so it looks like heavy cream. Use a smaller, round, pointy brush to make fast, brushy lines upwards from the lime green part of the canvas, up into the blue sky. You’re making grass–keep it fast, and brushy. Let dry.

Take your first color of paint, and thin it with some water so it’s like heavy cream. Load a larger, flat brush with a lot of paint. Use your fingers on the brush to pull the bristles and flick droplets of paint all over the surface. You can also create bigger drops by gently tapping your brush, on the handle just below the head, on your opposite hand.

Continue spattering with various colors of paint until you’re happy with how it looks. Let dry.

Use a brush, or your fingers, to make some bigger dots of various colors. Make some even bigger dots, all the same color, I used red. Let dry.

Use a small detail brush to paint black centers into your largest colored spots to make poppies. Add a few black accent stems leading to those flowers. Make them a bit dotted, so they look like they’re weaving in, and out of the grass. Let dry.

Paint some yellow ovals where you want to make bumblebees. Let dry.

Use a tiny detail brush to paint a fuzzy white bottom on the end of each bee. Use black to make a stripe across each middle, and at the top to make the head. Use the tip of the brush to feather the edges of the stripes to make them look fuzzy. Give the bee some legs, and antennae. Let dry.

To create wings, make white drop shaped outlines on the back of each bee. Keep them outlines, not solid, to create the look of transparent wings. You can brush a couple of thin lines from the point of the drop shape, up into the wing to make it look like it’s reflecting the light, if you wish. If you want to add a little more detail to your painting, add a few lines around some of the dots to make them look like little daisies. Above all, have fun, and don’t worry about trying to make things look too perfect–you’re trying to create a busy, pretty field of wildflowers, not a precise still life.

Happy Crafting!

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