Scrap Flag

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Bust into your fabric stash and create a patriotic wall hanging to decorate your home for summer.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, tear your red, and white fabrics into 1-inch wide strips. Your fabric will tear neatly with the grain, simply make a small snip on the edge, and then pull to rip strips. You need your strips to be twice as long as you want your finished flag to hang down long–my flag hangs down about 12-inches, so my strips were 24 -inches long. You need 4 red strips, and 4 white strips.

Fold your first strip in half, and tuck the looped end under your dowel from the top.

Wrap the ends up over the down, and tuck down through the loop. Pull to snug up against your dowel.

Start with red, then alternate white and red strips across the dowel.

Snug the knots up next to each other on the dowel.

Use your scissors to trim the fabric strips even across the bottom.

Tear a rectangle of blue for your flag. Glue the top of the blue rectangle across the top of your dowel so it hangs over the red, and white strips, creating the blue field for your flag.

Attach a pattern of white buttons to your blue field to represent the stars on the flag.

Tie a length of twine to each end of the dowel to create a hanger for your flag.

Happy Crafting!

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