Paper Bag Roses

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Here’s a fast, and fun way to make a neat paper rose!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Brown Paper Lunch Bags


To begin making a rose, open your bag all the way up so you the bottom is flat.

Place one hand inside the bag, and push the middle of the bottom up, while pinching together on the outside with two fingers, and your thumb.  Begin gently twisting the bag, around the fingers holding the outside of the bag to form the center of the rose.

You need to use your hand on the inside of your bag to help you continue to twist the bag around your outside fingers, cupping, and shaping the bag upward.

Gently smooth the edges of the bag into a cupped rose shape, and pull the center part up a bit so it shows.  Fluff, and slightly untwist the bag to further shape your rose.

That’s it!  You’ve made a pretty nifty rose in nothing flat!  You can use a bit of acrylic paint, as desired, to highlight the edges of the petals.  These roses would make fun decorations, creative bouquets, or fun accents for wreaths, swags, and other crafting projects.  How could you use these pretty roses in your crafting?

Happy Crafting!

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