Whimsical Garden Envelope Art

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By Needlework and General Crafts Contributor Emily from the blog Larkspur Cottage.

It’s time to delight your penpal with an envelope bursting charming summer blooms!

Here’s What You Need:


For my envelope, I painted right onto the envelope. If your envelope paper is quite thin, you may want to cut other paper to the right shape, paint on this, and insert it into the envelope. Start with some pale green stems trailing up the inside of the envelope.

Add leaves to these stems with two soft strokes. Go over the leaves with a darker green to add shading.


Now add a second layer of stems in a different shade of green. These will start near the tops of the first stems, and trail up to the top of the envelope. Add flowers and leaves to the stems. I made flowers out of long groups of purple dots. Swirly roses would also be lovely, or you could just have leaves trailing with no flowers.

Who will you send your secret garden surprise to?

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