Tin Can Wall Pocket

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a sweet wall hanging pocket out of an old tin can with this easy tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, you need to make certain that you can has a flat edged bottom, rather than a rounded edged one.  The can on the left is flat bottomed, and can be removed with a can opener.  The can on the right has a rounded edge, and you will be unable to grip the edge with a can opener to remove it.

Use your can opener to remove the bottom of the can, being careful of sharp edges.  Watch for any burrs inside the rim of the can, and use a pair of pliers, or some sandpaper to bend them down, or remove them.

Roll the seam of the can to one side, and then gently press one end of the can flat together.  Use your hammer to tap the bottom seam more fully together.

Use your drill and bit to create 2 small holes on both sides of the rounded, open end of the pocket.

Use your acrylic paint to paint the outside of the can.  Let dry between coats.  Decorate as desired.

Cut a length of wire, and bend into a “u” shape.  Insert each end into the holes that you made, and turn the ends up to hold them in place, and creating the handle for your pocket.

Your pocket is, obviously, not water tight.  You can tuck a small jar, or glass into the pocket to hold water for fresh flowers.

Insert either dried, or fresh flowers into your pocket and hang it up by the handle.

Happy Crafting!

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