Tin Can Pitcher

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Create a sweet, shabby decorative pitcher, and recycle a tin can at the same time!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, we’re going to bend the spout into the top rim of the can.  Hold the rim of your can on it’s side, on the edge of a flat, hard surface, like a countertop.  Carefully push the can to dent it in a bit.  Then, move about inches around the rim, and make another dent.

Gently push the area between the dents against the counter to form a bit of a pointed spout.

On the side of the can opposite your spout, use your drill to make 2 holes–one near the rim of the can, and one near the bottom.

Cut a length of rope for your handle, leaving enough extra to tie a knot in each end–err on the side of too much rope, as you can always trim it shorter.  Insert the rope into the bottom hole, and pull it up and out of the top of the hole so you can tie a knot.  Make a knot in the end of the rope, and then pull the rope from the outside to pull the knot up against the bottom hole on the inside.

Poke the free end of the rope into the upper hole, pull some excess to the inside, and then tie another knot.  Pull the outside rope to pull the knot up against the upper hole on the inside.

Paint your can with your acrylic paints.  Let it dry in between coats.  Mine took two coats to fully cover the can.  Decorate as desired.

If you would like your pitcher to hold water for flowers, simple insert an empty jar down inside your can.  A half-pint mason jar fit perfectly down inside my pitcher made from a large soup can.

Pop in some flowers, and enjoy your cute pitcher!

Happy Crafting!

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