DMC Patch Art Kit – Review

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23


Has your mending pile gotten out of hand? These DMC Patch Kits offer a clever twist to mending by using felt to create cute and unique patches directly onto the clothing. Each kit includes all the supplies you need to make several patches.

Needle Felting





Each kit includes two metal forms that you can use as a template.

They reminded me of cookie cutters.

The kit also includes instructions on beginner embroidery stitches to make your patches more interesting.

I had a light cardigan with a couple of holes that had been hiding in my mending drawer. It was a little plain so I decided to get creative while making patches.

The kit comes with a foam pad and two needles for felting. Watch your fingers as they’re sharp.

Place the metal form over your hole or tear.

Fill in with wool and needle felt into place.

Keep poking until the wool is evenly felted down.

This is what the patch will look like on the back side.

If you want, you can add embroidered details. I really enjoyed this part.

It’s easy to tease out little bits of wool to mix colors. That’s what I did for the cloud.

The cloud and raindrops are pretty cute.

After the wool is pretty flat you can remove the form to define the edges of the patch.

The kit comes with thread but you can also use your own if you want more colors like I did. I also added some of my own wool roving because I wanted even more colors. If you don’t have extra supplies don’t worry-each kit has enough roving and thread to make several patches.

If you want a flatter patch, just keep needle felting until the wool becomes more compressed.

Be careful though-I was too aggressive and ended up sucking some of the foam into one of my patches.

The forms are very useful to make even more shapes. The raindrops can turn into flower petals and leaves.

I used some of my own wool roving because I wanted a purple butterfly. The heart form easily made the wings.

A simple running stitch created the butterfly details.

Having both kits gave me the option of combining the forms. The heart and rain drop forms let me make a larger butterfly.

I was just having such a good time I decided to make more patches where there weren’t even any holes to mend.

The heart form also could be used to make a four leaf clover.

Again, a simple running stitch creates little details that really make these patches pop.



The star shape can also make flowers. The kit doesn’t come with an embroidery hoop but I recommend using one. It holds the fabric in place while you stitch.


I definitely recommend these kits. They are easy to use and come with enough supplies that I was able to make several patches and even had wool leftovers for my next mending project.

Now that this plain cardigan has been livened up I can’t wait to show it off.

Craft on!

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