Recycled Plant Cloche

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By General Craft Contributor Michelle

Make a decorative accessory for your home, and do some recycling at the same time, with this very simple project.  Perfect for keeping a small moisture-loving plant, or moss garden in perfect humidity.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, wash and dry the empty bottle.  Remove the label, leave the cap on.  Use your utility knife, or scissors to carefully pierce, the bottle, and cut the bottom off of the bottle.

Using the pinking shears, cut a 4-inch square of fabric.

Cut a foot long length of jute.  Center the square of fabric over the top cap of the bottle.  Wrap your jute around the neck of the bottle, over the fabric, to secure it in place.  Tie a knot in the jute.

Wrap the tails around, and around the cap, and double knot to secure.  Trim the ends, and unravel.

Place your recycled cloche over a small plant, or bit of moss in a flowerpot.  Add a tiny figure, if desired to create a small scene.

Happy Crafting!

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One thought on “Recycled Plant Cloche

  1. Eileen Trainor

    I was wondering how you water this plant remove he top or water from he bottom somehow? His is a wonderful idea ANF would be perfect for some beds bound friends in a nursing home.

    Thank you for sharing you gift with others. God bless.

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