Daffodil Garland

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By Needlework and General Crafts Contributor Emily from the blog Larkspur Cottage.

This breezy garland is the perfect dainty decoration to add just a touch of Spring colour to your home. It just takes a few moments of a sunny Spring afternoon to create a collection of charming felt daffodils in a variety of colours and sizes.

Here’s What You Need:

Draw six petaled daisy shapes onto your felt with the fabric pen and cut them out. These flower shapes can be different sizes. Cut a strip of felt to go with each flower. The felt strip should be long enough to roll into the cylinder centre of the daffodil. It should be as wide as you would like your daffodil’s corona to be tall. My larger daffodils have coronas about 1” tall, and the smaller daffodils have them about ½” tall. Cut one side of the strip slightly with a slight ruffle.

You can come up with different colour combinations: yellow corona on yellow petals, yellow on white, and orange on yellow all look lovely.

Roll the felt strip up and sew it closed. Then sew the cylinder to the daisy shape, with the ruffle side up. You could also hot-glue these parts together. Repeat this step for the rest of the daffodils.

Hot-glue your daffodils onto the ribbon. I like to make a collection of different daffodils first, then arrange them on the ribbon spaced evenly apart. A small garland can be made with just a few blooms, while a long garland can take 10 or more blooms.

Here are some mini daffodils in other colour combinations. So cute!

Springtime calls for delicate touches of colour, and this daffodil garland makes the perfect decoration for Easter, bridal or baby showers, or a sunny spring garden party.

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