Pea Pod Mother’s Day Necklace

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Here’s a simple craft project for kids to make mom a sweet gift for Mother’s Day.  With just a bit of assistance from an adult, kids can create a little pea pod filled with cute little peas representing one of mom’s kids.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

Have kids count out how many bead “peas” they need to represent each child in their family.  To make the beads easier to paint, slide them onto the end of a paintbrush, or chopstick.

Paint your beads green.  Let them dry completely.

Have the kids draw faces onto each pea using the paint pen, or colored pencils.  Kids can customize each pea to look like the child it represents, or can just make a more simple smiley face.  Let them dry thoroughly, and then spray with clear sealer, if desired.

Lay your peas in a line on the green felt, making sure the peas are stacked right on top of one another, no gaps between them.  You’ll be cutting a football shaped pod from the green felt.  From your line of peas, measure one pea distance up, and one down from the top and bottom peas–this will be the top and bottom points of your pod.  Measure a pea width out each side from the middle pea, and this will be the widest part of the pod.  Cut a long football shaped piece of felt using these measurements.

Add a bit of glue to the inside of the pod at both pointed ends, and pinch them together to form the pod shape.  Hold until stuck, and let dry.

Thread your tapestry needle with whatever you’ll be using to string your necklace.  You’ll need a piece about 14 inches long.  Starting at the top of the pod, on the back, just below the point, insert the needle to the inside.

Draw it through, and thread your pea beads onto the cord.

Insert the needle through the inside of the pod, just above the bottom point, and out to the back.  Pull some slack in your cord, and insert the needle back up through the pod, just a bit over from where you came down.  Go back up through the peas, and out the top of the pod right next to where you came down.  Pull the ends of your cord even at the top–you’ll need about 12-inch long tails so mom will be able to pull the necklace over her head after you tie the ends into a loop.

Tie the ends of the cord into a tiny knot at the base of the pea pod to hold everything together better.

Now tie the tails into a knot at the ends to form the necklace loop.

You can get fancy and make a little leaf, or add a leaf charm like I did.  Mom will love these necklaces whether they’re colored with crayons, and strung on yarn, or carefully painted, and strung on fancy cord–this is a versatile project that can be adapted for kids of all ages to create.

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