Faux Antique Flat Basket

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Flat baskets are trendy in decorating these days, but you can make a rustic, antique style one for pennies, and some time, with this tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need:

To begin, cut up one of the side creases on your bag, and then cut out the rectangular bottom of the bag.  You should now have a long, skinny piece of brown paper.  Cut apart all 6 of your bags.

Lay one of your cut open bags, printing side up, onto some newspaper, or other protected work surface.  Starting at one end of your bag, coat the surface of the bag with glue in about a foot wide section, and then line up, and smooth a second bag on top of the glue.  You want to add A LOT of glue to saturate the paper, and make sure the layers stick together.  Continue adding more glue, and smoothing the rest of the sheet onto the bottom sheet.  When you’ve stuck the first two sheets together, add more glue to the top layer, and smooth a new sheet onto the glue.  Repeat this process until you have 3 sheets layered together.  You have a long, skinny rectangle, find the middle of the rectangle (across the shortest width).  Then add glue to the top of the rectangle, and fold the whole stack in half, so you now have a rectangle that is 6 sheets thick.  Press this stack under some books, or something flat, and heavy like a large cutting board.  Let dry. Take your last 3 opened bags, and glue them together into a stack, but do not fold the stack, just leave it 3 layers thick.  Let dry.

Thin some of your brown paint down with a little water so it is easily spreadable, and paint both sides of your brown paper rectangles.  Let dry.

Use your ruler to mark off one-inch wide increments along the shortest sides of both of your rectangles–we want your strips to be as long as your longest length.

Use your straight edge, and utility knife to cut your rectangles into long, 1-inch wide strips.

Now we will lay out the bottom shape of the basket.  This will be up to your own taste what shape, and size you make your basket–rectangular, or square (or even circular, or oval, if you’re up for the challenge).

Using your thicker, shorter strips, lay the horizontal slats out for your basket.  Then weave the longer slats over, and under them vertically to create the open weave bottom of your basket.

Gently bend the ends of the strips to curve upwards.  Using one of your longest strips, begin wrapping the strip around the outside of the curved up ends, and use hot glue to attach the ends, to the long strip.  Add another long strip, when the first runs out, and trim the extra.

Take two long strips, and glue them across the middle of the basket to form an “x” shape.  Trim the ends flush with the top of the basket.

Use more long strips and hot glue to add an inside layer to the outside band you created, covering the ends of the edge strips.

Do touch up with your burnt umber paint to hide any visible hot glue.  The basket it now ready for hanging on the wall to display.  It is so lightweight you can even hang it with a pushpin!

Happy Crafting!

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