Upcycled Pillow

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Have an awesome piece of fabric but are not sure what to do with it? You can use this fabric to make a unique pillow. This tutorial will show you how to make a pillow from upcycled fabric and a pillow cover to show off your special textile.






Select the fabric that will be the front of your pillow. If it is a fabric sample the size may already be set. My pillow front was an upholstery sample and was already the perfect size. Decide on the size of your pillow and cut your front piece into that size if necessary.

I highly recommend making an inner pillow and then creating a pillowcase for your special fabric. That way your case can be washed if it gets stained. For the liner I used old fabric from my stash. Cut two pieces the same size as your front pillowcase piece.

With front sides facing, sew along three edges then turn right side out. Fill pillow with stuffing until desired fullness.

Fold in edges and pin together. Sew the last seam of your pillowcase.

Now it’s time to make the back part of your pillowcase. I used some velvet from my fabric stash. Cut out two pieces that when overlapped in the middle are the same size as your front pillowcase piece. Fold over and sew one side of each back piece.

With front sides facing, overlap the middle seams of the back panel and pin to the pillowcase front.

Hand stitch the piping around the pillowcase seam.Because this stitch is only for holding the piping in place while you are sewing the pillowcase together, it can be a longer running stitch.

Position the ends of the piping along the bottom of your pillow.

Sew together the front and back sides of the pillowcase. Machine sew over your handsewing so those stitches are hidden.

If desired, you can add a zigzag stitch and cut away any excess fabric.

Turn right side out and put pillow into the pillowcase.

Pull the pillow into the corners to make sure the pillow fits snug.

The hand sewing takes extra time but it really makes the piping look sharp.

With the overlapping back panel you can easily slip off your unique pillowcase if you need to clean it.

Craft on!


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