Bottlecap Pins

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By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make some quirky, and fun pins with this easy recycling project!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

To begin, take one pop tab, and with the rough-side down, bend it slightly in the middle.

Take one safety pin, and on the side that doesn’t open, bend it slightly outward.

Open the safety pin, and insert the pin through the holes, so the head of the pin sticks out the half-circle hole in the tab.  Carefully bend the tab, and pin so the pin lodges more snugly in the pop tab.

Place the pop tab with the pin into the inside of the bottle cap.  Be aware of where the design on the front of the bottlecap is in relation to where you position the pin–decide if you want the pin horizontal, or vertical on the back of the in.

Use your needle nosed pliers to carefully bend the edge of the bottlecap down over the top, and bottom of the pop tab.  I recommend placing a napkin, or something between the pliers and the decorative front of the bottlecap so you don’t scratch it while you’re bending the back.

Continue folding the edge towards the back of the cap all the way around the edge.  Go carefully, but don’t worry about the pin not being perfectly round, and perfect–part of the charm of these pins is their shabby nature!

Now make a bunch, and pin several to a jacket, or backpack to add some quirky charm!

P.S.–I think it would also be fun to decoupage onto the front of these pins, to make your own custom designs!

Happy Crafting!

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