Pepperell Macrame Kit – Review

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By Yarn and Needlework Contributor Stephanie from the blog Twilly 23

Love plants but are running out of room? Hang up some of your plants to clear off shelf space with these hanging macrame kits. Plus they’re a great way to learn a new craft. The easy to follow instructions will help you create a cute plant hanger in a short amount of time.





A lot of macrame kits are white cotton yarn so I purposely chose these kits for their color. I think the rope looks like ice cream in the pots.

If you want you can tape or melt the tips of your rope.

Since this is poly rope I chose to melt my ends using a candle.

The top knot is made in the middle so I taped together one end to make creating it easier.

The instructions were well illustrated but for some reason I had difficulty making this knot. The above photo is the wrong way to do it.

The photo above is the correct way to make the knot. After practicing, I then remade the knot so that it was in the middle of the ropes.

Both the rope and beads are smooth which makes the macrame flow easily.

They’re aren’t too many knots in these hangers and the instructions are easy to follow..

If you don’t mind uneven ends you can leave the tails as is. Or if you want the frayed ends back you can snip off the tips.

I prefer an even tail so cut them at the bottom.

Once I put the pots into the hangers I felt that the knots were too low.

If you leave your knots a little loose you can easily adjust them at the end.

After the knots were where I wanted I tightened all of them.

I was surprised by how quickly I completed these hangers.

These pot hangers are great for holding small plants like mini succulents.

They’re also great for baby plant cuttings.

Craft on!

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